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Continuation of what I written 2 days ago.

I'm trying to remember as much as possible........ Gonna put pictures this time to explain. Not exactly papa pics from Osaka, but they help to explain a lot! (Okura heavy pictures. cos I only have his papa pictures)

9. They aired the ProActive CM, it was Maru's turn that day! ^^ He was being a Korean guy, and he sang a little in the CM, he was so arrogant looking but IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!

10. Then K8 came back again, they have changed their clothes to this. (I realised pictures speak a thousand words and makes the post interesting)

Song 12: It's like a remix of Sukiyanen, Osaka, Wahhaha and Kanfuu Fighting. it was damn cool, it's like electric-y (what genre is that? techno?) They all were dancing like the picture above, AND IT'S JUST COOL AND ALL KINDS OF CUTE YES. And I really like the remix, it was just, AWESOME. Very modern! ^^ *lots of screaming from me because Tacchon was TOO CUTEEEEEEE* Yappa Sukiyanen~

Song 13: Wonderful World! Then yeah, they were walking along the hanamichi. (:

Song 14: Kyu Jo SHOW! It's the 'OMG THE freaking streamers ARE FLYING OUT" PART. Didn't grab any from my seat but I wasn't bummed cos we weren't even close.
AND OKURA'S DRUM SOLO. WAS. TOO AWESOME. And he changed his "hitori janai yo" to "aishiteru yo" WAH, WE TOTALLY DIED.

Song 15: Zukkoke Otokomichi. They were holding some gun like stuffs, and shooting cloth like things to the audience. I have been wondering what are those! Really wanna know!! "SO RYA SO RYA SO RYA SO RYA!" (and, I THINK. I THINK. Maru and Hina kissed here. Cos their faces were damn close and everyone were screaming! I missed it because I was paying attention to somewhere else)

the gun.

11. MC (it was damn long, and I couldn’t catch half of it)
- Maru showed off his muscles and did the “Ka chi ka chi ya zo” gag (it was so funny!). Maru also talked about himself having a butai etc.. He also said how his father is famous in his hometown in the Kyoto region etc.. He said he looks like a guy from B’z (no idea which person though), and his father is 46.
- Yoko said that he went overseas a few (3 or 4? Don’t remember) times, once with Ryo and Subaru. He also went overseas with his brothers too. And he said, that he couldn’t speak English at all when he was overseas (HAHA). Thereafter they talked about their family, the only ones I could understand was Yoko talking about his brother having a girlfriend but he hasn’t seen her before. Also, saying that even though his brother has got a girlfriend, they still take really good care of him. He was really funny, he said that he would cry if his brothers left him (HMM.)
- Hina talked about DERO (I love hina in this, everyone in the world should watch) and his other jobs. He talked about his family too, that his father and him look really similar.
- Ryo said that he has a huge family. Then he was explaining his family hierarchy and such. Ya, his family is quite big. With so many siblings, nephews and nieces.
- And Okura saying that he is the eldest in the family, and his brother is good looking (like brother, like brother. LOL). And they also said that they cannot imagine Okura being the eldest brother in the family (maybe cos he is the youngest in the group?)
- They talked a lot, which I couldn’t catch because my Japanese sucked. I didn’t catch Yasu’s, then Suba talked about his elder brother working in this place called Sagawi (?). And how his brother got fired by a company after helping people win money at some place, which was damn damn funny (I assume it’s a gambling place cos I didn’t catch half of it)

12. Johnny’s Junior Medley.
- Mainly it was Veteran singing~ This song was nice, but I have no idea what's the title! HAHA

13. Then K8 came back
Song 16: Snow White - It was damn cool, they were standing at all parts of the hall, with the spotlight shining one by one on those who sings. Then we saw a huge mochi on the elevating stage, then we see Ryo and Okura running there (I didn't read spoiler so I thought it was gonna be like the one in Tokyo Dome, with Okura as Santa, and Ryo as Reindeer. TURNS OUT IT'S NOT). Yoko came out wearing glasses, a lot of fangirls were so freaking excited (with [ profile] jazzinjuly being one of them)

Like this.

Yoko,"This year is ending, blah blah... Ah! There's a mochi there!"
OKURA AND RYO CAME OUT. Ryo as the Rabbit (year 2011), Okura as the Tiger (year 2010). I TOTALLY DIED. IT WAS SO CUTE.
Then Ryo was holding a wand, and he was swinging it and such, then 2 rolls of paper dropped down.
Tiger and Rabbit,"Thank you for this year, please take care of us next year~"

Kawaii torn duo.


Song 17: Yuki wo Kudasai - Honestly I hate to listen to this song especially in the cold because it makes me feel like killing someone. BUT THIS PERF WAS TOOOO DAMN CUTE I am loving this song even if a snowstorm would come after this song was sung. (Oh ya, there were like, fake snow spraying all over yes) Rabbit and Tiger totally flew down across the entire hall, and I totally saw Okura's butt getting touched by fangirls when he reach the bottom (Understandable, I would have done the same)

Song 18: Kimi no Uta wo Utau - the famous hat song. Ryo placed his hat on the ears, IT WAS JUST TOO CUTE I COULD JUST DIE HAPPY THAT FREAKING INSTANT. And the furi was fun to do! AND I NEED PAPA PICS FOR THIS. I NEED. REALLY.

and of course, the final pose

Song 19: Osaka Romanesque -  I was not really sure on how to approach this song that night, cos they were singing it in their Rabbit and Tiger costumes. But it was an awesome performance. Everytime Subaru sings his part in this song, I could feel tears in my eyes. Halfway through Okura, Yasu and Maru went missing anyway, so.. it got pretty serious

14. The reason why they were missing. BAND SESSION.

Okura came out first and he had a super long drum ad-libbing session. He was really damn far away. BUT OMG. I NEVER SEEN ANYTHING COOLER. REALLY. <3 HIS DRUMSET FREAKING HAS LIGHTS. IT WAS JUST DAMN COOL. It lights up at the parts he hit. And I like his ad-lib, really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then Okura started hitting the bass drum, thereafter Maru appear on the centre stage, his BASS HAS LIGHTS TOO.
Then it was Shota on the elevating stage. HIS GUITAR HAS LIGHTS TOO.


Song 20: I knew this was coming. MISETEKURE. I never liked the recorded version of this song, but the live version is always the best.
I know Okura is my favourite, but I was really staring at Yasu the entire time. TOO COOL (sorry for my lack of vocabulary usage), and another reason being that Okura was just simply too far away. And yeah, all the fire were spitting out at the main stage (I bet Okura was like,"darn, bloody hot')

Song 21: tte! Another band song~ HAHA. I am not sure whether it was this song, Maru was at my block, at the very first row, and he was in front of a few Maru fangirls and letting them touch his bass (or rather, him), jealous much right! And ya, he totally smiled at them. awesome guy he is. Then BOOM. Explosion again at the main stage.

Song 22: BOY. MY FAVOURITE 8UPPERS SONGGGG. They were all mad and running around (except Okura though. HE IS SO FAR AWAY D:) and they went back to the main stage. And a lot of drumroll etc etc. THEN JUMP, and 4 BOOMS, and Subaru screaming very much.... AND ONE MORE BOOM. TOO AWESOME.

15. Subaru and his serious speech,"Thank you all so much. It was fun. Countdown, live, etc, I am really happy, thank you. Osaka is fun, really." then he talked about their 8th year, 10th year etc etc.

Song 23 (aka Last Song.....?): Ao Shashin. Beautiful song. They were all standing in one row and singing on the stage where they first came down from. After the song finished, they left the stage, and there were mosaics of their pictures and such on the screen up there. It was really beautiful. Then the last photo was the picture from the clearfile. (A lot of clapping after that. really)

It was awesome. [ profile] jazzinjuly  and I both agreed that Yasu and Maru were really cool! (and yes, everyone else too) And immediately, everyone started screaming,"EITO EITO"

Around 5 minutes later, they came back out (:

ENCORE (Only one encore that day, maybe cos there was gonna be a countdown after that they had to prepare?)

K8 came back to the stage, and Yoko said that someone has a message for us, it's Crayon Shin-chan! He's really damn cute I love it! (: He talked a lot, and did his butt dance, on the stage, K8 DID IT TOO!!!! IT WAS SO DAMN CUTE!

the famous butt dance

Song 24: T.W.L. [ profile] jazzinjuly was right, they really sang this during the encore. It's a very upbeat song. It's very Wonderful World! like, but it's much cooler! and they were jumping like mad people on the stage. I find it funny how there are random english words like "download" in the song. I can't imagine a PV out of this though. HAHA! And it's very different from the usual Shin-chan songs that I have always listened to!

It was funny halfway how Ryo and Yoko took out a piece of paper cos they forgotten the lyrics (i think?). Oh, I don't know what T.W.L means. ):

Song 25: Musekinin Hero. they were on the little "wonderful world" car again! and THIS TIME, SIGNED PLATES THROWING. I didn't hope for much, since I was so far away! And I think I cursed the entire block, they didn't throw any our way. LOL and yes, Yasu totally waved & smiled at us again. He's really nice! Don't talk about Okura, he was like 13827481903 metres away.

Song 26 (REALLY the last song): Hitotsu no Uta. We all got to sing it together! :D And Yoko was really funny here. He was right in front of us at the hanamichi, then he kept doing a feint paaaaan (like taking the hand out but putting it back halfway), then Maru walked past, totally ignored Yoko and did a full blast paaaaaan with all of us! LOL.

Then Hina started talking and started thanking everyone. Kansai juniors, the members of Veteran.. And ya, Veteran started promoting their concert at Osaka Jo-hall too. HAHA! And we clapped clapped clapped clapped... Big claps big claps!!

After that, all the eighters held hands, and Yoko was like,"WE. ARE. (fans,"WOOOOO." *yes we are still going on with this "WOO" thing*) KANJANI".... fans,"EITOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" (OMG. I can't believe I had the chance to do it)

Oh ya, Maru was the last one who got into the back stage, so he was like,"Do you want to do it?" and.....

"PAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" and it ended. concert was around 3 hours and 20 minutes (:


and I was really sad I didn't get to watch countdown. But I saw a K8 fan at my hostel today while I was packing! She saw my Okura hairband and she asked me! HAHA. She's a Yoko fan and I got all sorts of excited. She was at Arena and she gave me a part of her countdown streamer!! IT'S RAINBOW. RAINBOW OKAY. I love it I'm gonna frame it up. I'm really lucky, and I am really happy! She told me that K8 was in their sushi costume for 20 whole minutes while waiting for their turn and they were dancing Seishun Amigo (or is it Daite Senorita) in their Sushi costume!! How cute!!!!!!

I am really glad I went! :D Will write about 1st Jan later, I WAS SO DAMN NEAR. I'm leaving Japan today! HAHA. going to JE concerts are seriously addictive. If K8 has a concert next year, I wonder how the hell am I gonna control myself from not going.


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