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Okay. I know I ought to be slapped for not updating for 5 days.

Erm... Trying to do a 30 day meme. NOT AS EASY AS I THOUGHT.

anyway. I like Becky (♪# or not.)

No I am not a fan. But I just don't like how, people dislike her just because she was in Kaibutsu-kun SP.
COME AND HATE ME IF YOU WANT TO. If you are complaining she's everywhere. Then there are a lot of TV personalities that are ought to be slapped.

DAY 06 )

DAY 07 )

DAY 08 )

DAY 09 )

I shall pretend that today is not the 10th day.
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So many interesting things happened over the week. HAHA. I am wondering when the hell my TOKIO single will reach. It's almost a whole damn week!

Curly hair )

Yamanade )
Arashi )

Kanjani8 )

By the way, life has been busy (pack pack pack pack). So... I wasn't really active in replying comments. >


Feb. 4th, 2010 10:58 pm
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HAHA have been blogging for the past 3 days. Okay this will be the last of the week?

NEEN WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU. I am still very anal about not getting the entire set. EXTREMELY.

Handwriting MEME )

Sho hates ferris wheels like I do. And yoga. o.o )


Jan. 31st, 2010 10:15 pm
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my dp kawaii?? Cindy made it for me~!

shots from at least 8 years back )

btw, everyone should listen to Kinki's J Album. I LOVE IT. I hope the concert releases a DVD!!!! or rather, IT SHLD RELEASE A DVD.
I feel like bombing the agency with postcards for k8 to release a dvd from the CD concert cos I wanna see Babun-man in action..

and check out [ profile] je_cookiedaysx! there's a new scans release today~

random: last week I helped my sis buy toto, she strike today. I bought my own toto too, HOW COME I DON'T SEE MYSELF STRIKING?!

/edited on 1st Feb.
YESTERDAY WAS SHINGO'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! (no wonder my sister struck toto. *she's a crazy fan so probably Shingo's bday luck was rubbed onto her*)

happy birthday shingo mama! OHA.

and my sister talked a random fact about Shingo to me. She said,"you know, shingo used to do stupid things like putting Mayo onto wild grass. But he stopped doing it after getting rashes around his mouth one fine day."
my sister loves to talk to me about him.

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ytd was a BLAST.
1. Watched Tegomasu with yin, beatrice, yiding and aishah!!!
(It's a pity the rest couldn't come!!!) BECAUSE THIS CONCERT IS JUST LIKE OH MY GAWD.
2. Watched Kinki you concert after that!!!! Kinki's voices are the bomb man!!! My goosebumps all stood up.
3. Went to Yin's early to make a logo for a mini project, but shall keep it silent for now. So far only 5 people knows about it.

similarity in both concerts: minimum kya, maximum applause. (:

HAHA i wonder what we wld watch next. we have covered k8, news, tegomasu and kinki. we shld watch the rest of the groups too!

on a side note,

hope ur body remains as perfect as the shoot. hope u remain as fail as ever cos that's when you are the cutest. (:

anyway, In this joyous event, happydaysx and I formed a community!!!! it's erm, a comm for her to throw in her subs, and me to throw in my scans. and throw in all our rubbish/gold that we have (you name it, we prolly have it)

SO PLEASE DE-FRIEND ME if i haven't accepted you! NO MORE SCANS HERE. NO NO NO.

to the arashi, news/tegomasu, k8, TOKIO fans, it SHOULD be a join-able place.
All posts are locked, but membership is FOREVER OPEN.
[ profile] je_cookiedaysx 

everyone loves cookie-days. (:


Jan. 19th, 2010 08:36 pm
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erm, hello if you are like 13 and below (i think most on my f-list are old enough), please erm, close one eye.

spoiler 1 day before it's out.

credit: suoncom

this is pretty artistic and probably my favourite shot of all (ya, i think anan shoots pretty nice photos just that sometimes it's for the wrong purpose.)

okay lah, not as bad as I imagined. HAHAHAH I thought he's gonna show his bare ass but it's only the crack! and all of them has him wearing his pants! HAHA and best part is, HE'S ALONE! I wonder how does the "super" sho fangirls feel about this shoot. My sister (sho fan) wasn't into this cos she doesn't like shoots that involve stripping *prolly cos she's older than Sho she feels weird*.

HAHAHA I WONDER WHAT HAPPENS IF OHNO/OKURA/TEGOMASU GOES FOR AN AN.AN SHOOT. i highly suspect okura will do it sooner or later, but he doesn't seem to be fond of showing his body.. the rest are impossible.

hoho maybe kame will be next (let's see how accurate am I okay). hina possible too!

random spazz.
TEGOMASU NO UTA DVD!!!!! I am amazed, there's no DVD rips leaked on the web.



Jan. 17th, 2010 08:23 pm
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I love 2010 Jan! so many dramas to watch. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA


This will make a good dp. HAHHA it hanged here when Sho came out and I missed his part.

My sister got all excited and tension down-ed instantly. HAHAHAHAHHA
bad luck i guess. the tv hangs like free when Sho comes out. And stops hanging when Maki comes out.

this is a stupid quiz. then finally I see sho. IT HAS TO BE SO SMALL.


conclusion: I am giving up. I will just hear the themesong later in the middle, and close the window and continue with VSA.

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It's Aiba's birthday and 1 more day to X'mas, it's time for MORE SCANS!! Just filling some gaps and took [ profile] happydaysx photos to scan... *Most of those with Ohno's face are mine, the rest are hers*

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Ohno fans will NOT regret clicking this. [Arashi fans too?] )

and wth is up with johnny-san when he said he would remove arashi if NYC boys doesn't appear in kohaku?!

The next time would probably be christmas..?

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost
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I just got some of my photos today!! Not complete sets for most of them tho. Just filling up some random gaps. POSTING THE REST I SCANNED ON THE 26TH, SO DO LOOK FORWARD!
I won't get complete sets until end december, so the rest shall be christmas gifts!! Make do with a bit of the photo sets first. LOL

Warning: It's pretty biased. OHNO CENTRIC. [profile] wannatee_1984 might start screaming. whooooops.


HAHAHAHA it's just a little of the many. )

HAPPY WAITING! off to sleep I go, tmr then reply comments....!
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Oh, and the random massu picture which I saw by accident in the mag but I don't dare to post it anywhere.

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost
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Shit, I am blogging too much about Okura/K8 these days...

I will be eternally grateful to whoever who is willing to scan Hanako no.957 with Arashi and Tacchon!!

Soon, blogging hiatus would start.

OHNO!! [gosh, this is becoming like some ohno_daily_picspam journal.
and Sho is here for [Bad username or unknown identity: hisa_no_nikki]to admire!

Don't be too upset, I will still reply to mails, comments and drop random comments everywhere!

Oh ya, something interesting to read.
I never liked/read fanfiction, but I liked this because it's not like a regular fanfiction! the one who even thought of it is a genius. thanks [ profile] match1608for showing me the link!
*I probably stopped halfway because towards the back Massu and Tegoshi "twittered" lesser. HAHA*
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Yozz.. I can't update my freaking blogger for some shit reasons...........

It's 15 September, AND IT'S ARASHI'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *I feel so blessed their "birthday" is only 2 days away from mine. HAHA!*


Just pictures that most people don't have, and no i didn't write an essay....... )
Yay, going to study marketing with chan, zixin and jeremy tmr, hope it will be productive...
isn't it weird? I am studying with other groups instead of my own project group.. o.O
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Hello (:

Before I start, I would like to say that I almost lost my life..... when the EMS guy rang my doorbell and said,"Hello! Anyone there? PARCEL FROM JAPAN!!!!". That EMS guy is funny! He's super friendly! I swear, I SCREAMED [thank goodness, my mum was actually OUTSIDE to pick my nephew up....... imagine she saw like 300 photos, what would she think?!] But it's definitely the best b'day gift for me! [altho I paid for all of them..]

*I hate MU, so only MF!*

Comments not necessary, but would be appreciated cos I am always happy to talk to more Arashi fans!!

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost
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It's been long since I last posted Arashi related scans..

Anyway, I received some Arashi related photos, and erm... although it's not complete sets or what, I just felt like scanning them cos it seems that Shop Photos sharing is quite scarce isn't it.. They are super random de, but oh well, I grouped them together already, hope these actually makes your sets more complete (:

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost

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It's time, for me to show that I am ACTUALLY AN ARASHI FAN. It's weird that I like Arashi but I blog more about Tegomasu. It's like to the extent that a non-arashi fan like [ profile] hoshi8 doesn't really believe that I like Nino more than Massu. OOPS. [My ranking is like this, at least for now. Ohno>Tego>Nino>Massu>Sho>Aiba>Matsuoka *TOKIO*>Daiki>>>>>>]

And so Tegomasu's concert has started, so I have changed to an Arashi layout to countdown to arashi's concert! HAHAHA

Random news: TOKIO'S NEW SINGLE 18 AUG!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! *But I haven't order yet... outta cash. T.T]

I am an Arashi fan!!!! )

I always love Ohmiya moments (:
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NOT A LEECHER ANYMORE! HAHAHA By the way, that's not the main point. The point is, my mum said sometime ago,"You buy the scanner never use.."

So after she made this comment, I decided to scan stuffs since I am in a good mood tdy? OLD MAGAZINES. Since I met mich [I forgot her lj user name so..] yesterday I might as well take this chance to fill up the gaps of the missing scans...

Scanned at 300dpi [Well, I tried 600dpi *I love things HD*, but my computer hung like free. It's okay, no fret, 300dpi is clear enough already]


Okay I shall take this chance to do some advertisement, for myself.
Anyone wanna buy the Hanadan+Haikei Chichiue Sama clippings from me? [I don't really keep drama clippings.. Unless it's an Ohno drama, or I really love that drama. I LOVED hanadan, but then I liked Oguri Shun in it, there's only one small lil corner of his picture, no point keeping..] 50cents per piece [Life's hard]. If want email me ah! (:

Credit: Me (: *just distribute just distribute it's okay just don't claim as yours can le~ HAHA*

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost


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