Jan. 4th, 2011 12:10 pm
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It was an awesome trip, really. I'm blessed to have met so many awesome friends and fans over the past 10 days. The times when I was traveling alone made me feel very accomplished. And being able to see the man of my dreams (LOL) up close is something I never thought would come true so quickly!

and so, I spent a huge sum of money in Japan with whatever I had painfully saved for the past 2-3 months.

My stuffs (+ a stack of magazines with Arashi on cover which I have hidden in my cupboard already)
The reason to why I bought so little, is thanks to my concert tickets........ whooping 40k yen D:

2010.12.31 is an experience with [info]jazzinjuly that I WILL NEVER FORGET.
2011.01.01 AN EXTREMELY GOOD SEAT. Yasu saw my uchiwa, not sure whether Okura did though I'm just gonna be deluded and say that he did.


oh, on the way back, I WATCHED OHOKU ON THE PLANE. Dear Snow is an awesome song. Tsuruoka is too beautiful <3


Jul. 5th, 2010 11:16 pm
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Being a complete ass I always am,


anyway, I wanna watch this movie, シブがき隊 ボーイズ & ガールズ. but I can't find it anywhere. ([livejournal.com profile] tanokin don't have it! T.T)

and in case you are wondering who the hell they are, they are Shibugaki (PERSIMMONS! LOL) -tai, ex-JE group that is best known for singing those NAI NAI and Sushi songs.

left: the hanamaru cafe guy, yakkun. he still looks the same!
centre: the Departure movie guy, mokkun
right: I don't know who he is.


happy belated Massu day to all! happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] jazzinjuly too!
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ugh I can't read my mails from hotmail.

As stated in the previous post, I am on "post-countdown" high-ness! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

definitely not dial-up friendly )

2009 has been a good year, I am sure 2010 will be better!!!
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*I used the RE photo cos got face HAHAHAHAHAHHA*

*wth man, when it came out in feb I should have just snagged it since I love MABOOOOO so much. now regret alr cos now I like Tacchon too. And it's crazy that I have been listening to the song for so long already it took me long enough to realise my addiction for it.*
i should learn from my sister. as long as the idol's inside, JUST BUY IT. [she haven't even listen to shingo's new single yet, she just snagged it cos she say,"IT'S SHINGO MAH, JUST BUY LOR."]

btw, I must be out of my mind. let me tell you what I bought yesterday [I figured it's time to use up the Cdjapan coupon *THAT STUPID COUPON ONLY CAN BE USED WITH MORE THAN 3000YEN PURCHASE MADE ME END UP SPENDING MORE THAN I SHOULD* and the money in my paypal since I can't take them out and put into my pocket might as well use them...]
1. PUZZLE Album LIMITED EDITION [I heard there's good stuffs inside so I decided to buy it and join in the fun]
2. It's My Soul LIMITED EDITION [I got a shock when I saw it on sale... It's such an old single...]
3. Zukkoke Otokomichi LIMITED EDITION
4. Wahhaha REGULAR EDITION [Hmm, this is exception cos I wanted it since last year already and i was pissed that there's no more LE for this and this is the one I wanted the most...]

Oh, all of the above are KANJANI8's.

WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!?!?!?!?!?! I am buying K8 cds.....................

Oh, I want to buy Musekinin Hero too, but I can't decide which version I want.. The orange or the blue one? Maybe I should watch the DVD online first before buying... *Later it's some impulse thing I will regret my life*

no time, no money, no cd, got school....

To end off,



and my cough hasn't recovered............. damn it
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Yoz! more scans more scans~~ [I am addicted to scanning! HOW!!]

Myojo Jan 2007

MF (thank you [livejournal.com profile] twinklestarlove!)

TV Guide [2007.05.26] - Kanto version


TV Guide [2009.01.17-2009.01.23] - Uta Onii [Ohno+1 page of Maruyama], Matsujun, Aiba

Potato 2007 Jan

MF (thank you [livejournal.com profile] twinklestarlove!)

Credit: Me
[Just distribute, just don't claim as yours I am happy already!]

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost


Jun. 25th, 2009 12:20 am
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I LOVE 5LDK!! I LOVE TOKIO!!!! *I shall watch the special VS arashi clip with them again~!!* HAHAHAHAHAHHA. And so Toma was the guest, and they were talking about Johnny's Entertainment like ALWAYS. 

POOR JOUSHIMA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. He's seriously LOL throughout lah!!!! Even had interaction time with Toma cos they have never interacted before... o.O

Haiz, poor TOKIO. Only getting first on the charts after 22 singles. SERIOUSLY, THEY NEED MORE LOVE.

And I just wanted to put this.

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NOT A LEECHER ANYMORE! HAHAHA By the way, that's not the main point. The point is, my mum said sometime ago,"You buy the scanner never use.."

So after she made this comment, I decided to scan stuffs since I am in a good mood tdy? OLD MAGAZINES. Since I met mich [I forgot her lj user name so..] yesterday I might as well take this chance to fill up the gaps of the missing scans...

Scanned at 300dpi [Well, I tried 600dpi *I love things HD*, but my computer hung like free. It's okay, no fret, 300dpi is clear enough already]


Okay I shall take this chance to do some advertisement, for myself.
Anyone wanna buy the Hanadan+Haikei Chichiue Sama clippings from me? [I don't really keep drama clippings.. Unless it's an Ohno drama, or I really love that drama. I LOVED hanadan, but then I liked Oguri Shun in it, there's only one small lil corner of his picture, no point keeping..] 50cents per piece [Life's hard]. If want email me ah! (:

Credit: Me (: *just distribute just distribute it's okay just don't claim as yours can le~ HAHA*

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost

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1. I spent 5 hours clearing my room today.

This was how much I cleared after 5 hours.

An afternoon filled with sweat. )
*Got it from searching at google.. I lazy plug in my ext hd*
And so after a long and busy day with papers, I took a nice cold bath, sat down and re watched my arashi DVD!~ TIME! I LOVE THAT CONCERT THE MOST!!!

This is to make up for the TOTALLY blur Massu picture that I posted.. IS THIS CLEAR ENOUGH!?!? [I can't find one with Tegoshi in the backgrd tho..]
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THIS IS PROBABLY THE MILLIONTH TIME I HAVE SAID THIS, BUT MY SLIPPERS GOT STOLEN!! AND IT WAS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM [livejournal.com profile] springbeans!!!! :( Maybe it got stolen by some orange lover/espirit hater [cos I am surprised the branded one didnt get stolen]/a stalker... 


It's the weekend, it's the spam time (:
tegomasu no uta. (: )

A SUBBING PROJECT [livejournal.com profile] happydaysx [Funny, an Arashi fan subber who persuaded me to sub TFP2 just after one entry I made] and I are working on Tokyo Friend Park 2, the episode which RESCUE went for, it should be up quite soon!! Maybe early next week! I hope there are people who would want to see it subbed... I HOPE. It's my first attempt, and it's scary. I was listening to the show with my subs, gawd, made so many mistakes here and there.

HAHAHAHAHA I CAN'T WAIT FOR JULY the financial crisis month.
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Yay I updated my sales journal! [haha?] This might be kinda old, but minna san! if you are quite a johnny's person, try this thing!!! www.bathkame.com/johnnys.html

Anyway that shit is in japanese, so the way to play it is, when u go to the page, you will see 2 names right, click the one you like more. If you like both [like it sucks when they put Ohno and Matsuoka's name tgt], click "引き分け". and if you happen to not like both names or you don't know any of them, then you click this "どうでもいい". However, if you can, try to at least choose 1 person, otherwise your results will just end up like.. not so pretty.

the last thing, HAVE FUN~ oh no if people come across my blog and see that their favourites are not on my favourites, I wonder what's their reaction. But oh wells, different people different interest, I can understand.Hajimete )

The bottom 4 names are like SOOOO expected.

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Pictures heavy... [Fangirling heavy... -.o]

1. HARRY POTTER HD ACTION POSTER *the one I posted on my blog is LQ oops*. heheh, I am taking leave from work that day to watch this~ Or maybe by July I would have quit from my job already.


JE (: )
HAHHAHA (: I think Lj-cuts are important
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OHNO IS NIKKAN SPORTS DRAMA GRAND PIX SUMMER 2008 BEST ACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*and omg 4 of them are Johnny's*
1 大野智 魔王 TBS 10355
2 山下智久 コード・ブルー フジテレビ 7857
3 生田斗真 魔王 TBS 2706
4 堂本剛 33分探偵 フジテレビ 1403
5 小池徹平 シバトラ フジテレビ 465
tsuyoshi is love too. but the drama sucks HAHA.

1 魔王 TBS 12567
2 コード・ブルー フジテレビ 7719
3 33分探偵 フジテレビ 1322
4 篤姫 NHK 723
5 シバトラ フジテレビ 454

Poor Toma, I like him too! BUT...
I still prefer him as Nakatsu! (:

Classic lah, Maou won EVERYTHING except best actress. And they do not even have a main female lead in the first place. HAHAHA I AM HYPERVENTILATING. SO HAPPY THAT I EVEN FORGOT THAT I HAVE A COUGH + HEADACHE + FEVER AND IS SUPPOSED TO DO RESTING.


even though i didn't finish watching it. shhh.

And which was the bloooooody magazine that said that OH-CHAN CAN'T ACT!?!?!?!??!?! QUIT IT.

THE RATINGS has thus proven to us that it is not accurate..

Beautiful Days cover looks... weird. HHAHAH
And I think Yuri Chinen is cute. *PAEDO*

And Daiki reminds me of Masuda. CUTE.(:

Now, go study. HAHAHAHA


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