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since I already spammed twitter, tumblr and facebook. might as well add one more to the list!

seriously this hi-chew PV is so full of nonsense. I WATCHED IT A MILLION TIMES ALREADY.


hi-chew de OO chu!
juicy oishii hichew chew chew! bye hi-chew okay! :D

byebye! :D
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Okura is definitely a regular in popeye.


EVERY PICTURE TOO DAMN NICE. BOUGHT (ah, so expensive) *and the reviews were so raving that they decided to get him do another shoot in March*


OH THE DISAPPOINTMENT (i expected too much I HATE MYSELF). god knows what happened over the past 30 days.
(btw 2nd row, 4th photo; Hissatsu Shigotonin much? it's so weird to wear that hair band with modern clothes!!!!!!!)


PLEASE GIVE ME A GOOD SHOOT. (Oh bonus, there's Matsujun too!) a cute shoot would be good.

credits: 243o at
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because this is the cutest (saddest?) j-web entry I have seen in months. My japanese sucks, so... yah.

and yes, I translated it because I think IT'S TOO CUTE )

I totally laughed until... WHERE GOT PEOPLE SICK UNTIL LIKE HIM SO CUTE ONE OMG. Hope this boy gets well soon! I love oysters too, I guess I should eat lesser of it too......

and... i like arashi's new song!!


Jan. 4th, 2011 12:10 pm
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It was an awesome trip, really. I'm blessed to have met so many awesome friends and fans over the past 10 days. The times when I was traveling alone made me feel very accomplished. And being able to see the man of my dreams (LOL) up close is something I never thought would come true so quickly!

and so, I spent a huge sum of money in Japan with whatever I had painfully saved for the past 2-3 months.

My stuffs (+ a stack of magazines with Arashi on cover which I have hidden in my cupboard already)
The reason to why I bought so little, is thanks to my concert tickets........ whooping 40k yen D:

2010.12.31 is an experience with [info]jazzinjuly that I WILL NEVER FORGET.
2011.01.01 AN EXTREMELY GOOD SEAT. Yasu saw my uchiwa, not sure whether Okura did though I'm just gonna be deluded and say that he did.


oh, on the way back, I WATCHED OHOKU ON THE PLANE. Dear Snow is an awesome song. Tsuruoka is too beautiful <3
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credits: [ profile] okura_tadayoshi  OH MY GAWD.


my apologies for getting all of you involved in my Okura lovin' these days.
(and I changed my lj header. awesome picture.)



Aug. 26th, 2010 06:44 pm
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I was reading my inbox just now, and I swear I have received the best/funniest/omg/weirdest/oic email ever from cdjapan. I guessed it right, that everyone receives an "exclusive" link in their inbox, which explains why I couldn't click on any of the links around yesterday...

so they crashed too many times they decided to adopt a new system )

The first word that came to me was,"OH." then I was like,"Okay thanks for clearing that up and letting me know that Arashi fans are in actual fact very scary". It's a "One copy per person" thing now!

btw, I went club8 just now. it's afternoon and it's empty!

was watching this over dinner 2 days back,

Ami & Go! <3 and GM would end on the day they "DEBUT" (the 10th episode, 19.09) Maybe the last episode would be some Old Johnny's medley concert HAHA. I CAN'T WAIT! 踊ろう!!!!

I thought GM was boring at episode 2-3, but it got better! ^^

tagged! meme. )

that's all! this took me 15 minutes. Wow I didn't know I can type so quick!
off I go! do calculations for project.. o.o
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(points to the subject)

LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE THE WHOLE EPISODE! I only got the part where he talked about Nino.. It's like,"I know he's there yet I can't watch it" and i hate it.
I will love you forever if you could send it to me!
(but considering that only 5% of my f-list is Kanjani8 fans.. hmm..)
THANK YOU [ profile] kazukiayuuma 

random picture to capture your attention.

Credits: O.B
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Have been missing for a long time already.

credit: O.B.
I love this refreshing short hair of his! *From the latest issue of TV Fan. The interview pages super awesome.*
Can't wait for this drama to start! :D 5 more days!

and I need to watch Unubore too, it looks damn good.

*credit: unknown. funny how O.B. didn't scan it*
OHOKU :D Because Nino looks like shit in there, I am posting Okura's picture! this is from TV Fan too, damn awesome issue.
And Okura was saying how he imagines himself "femininely" and acting this... LOL.

so ya, I hereby, declare a semi hiatus!


credit: unknown!
I just think that this picture is super cute :D
From the latest issue of TV Life. Unubore casts on cover.

P.s: I super addicted to this hirai ken song! 僕は君に恋をする. :D

no cut before it's not too long for one.
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Happy birthday to the GREEN one! (even though u are wearing pink~ u look wonderful in pink)

May you continue to eat and grow fatter!
May you work well with Higashi again and not die like what you did in Shigotonin.
May you stay handsome like this!
May you get a girlfriend soon (unless you have one already)
May you receive lots of presents!
Can you tell Yoko to release a DVD of his solo tour? I wanna watch his Babun and Mamoritai~
May you get to work with Ohno in a random drama. (my selfish wants)

I wanted to release your episode of TFP today, but I started late, recruit people late, so... release late. We'll see!
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共演は、研修医で東山の部下役に多部未華子(21)*her again?*。強気で東山を叱りとばすようなシーンもあるという。同科の優秀な看護師役関ジャニ∞の大倉忠義(24)、ほかに小池栄子(29)、吉沢悠(31)、八嶋智人(39)、大和田伸也(62)ら

it's funny how they put the picture of Higashi's wife instead of others.


When [ profile] mklia  showed me the news, I felt as if I died, rose to heaven, and then came back again.
thank you for giving me a chance to flail about him because I have been too busy with Ohno and Tegomasu these days.

OH MY GAWD. OKURA AS NURSE WILL BE DAMN COOOOOL! Mabo acted as nurse too before! HAHHA Sho too! AND Kei-chan tooooo! WOOOOO NOW IT'S OKURA.

AND IT'S TBS = TOKYO FRIEND PARK. (Just when I am subbing TFP2 of the Utahime casts, this comes *anyway I need a spot translator, I shall post an announcement later*)


Nurse Doctor Okura!

P.S: Tegomasu fans ah, I THINK THIS JUNE'S WINKUP IS WONDERFUL. Worth buying.
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Okay I am going to do this in point form. HAHAHA.

SPOILERS AHEAD (if you haven't watched Sunao ni Narenakute yet) SO PLEASE LOOK OUT.

it really needs a cut. )

I have changed my friends only banner, cos [ profile] jazzinjuly  made it for me. WONDERFUL.
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So many interesting things happened over the week. HAHA. I am wondering when the hell my TOKIO single will reach. It's almost a whole damn week!

Curly hair )

Yamanade )
Arashi )

Kanjani8 )

By the way, life has been busy (pack pack pack pack). So... I wasn't really active in replying comments. >
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YOZ~ I AM BACK!! It's november, and it's "so many birthdays" month!! One-two from each of my favourite JE groups!

oh ya, I SAW TEGO ON CHANNEL 48 just now!!! *but only for a short moment...* I bet it's Dream Boys Promo cos I saw Kame at the side HAHA.

[profile] wannatee_1984's. ISN'T THIS MAXIMA KAKOII?!?!?!

[ profile] yadaeighter's.
AHHHH I loved this scene from ROMES soooo much!!! XD

I didn't know making icons could be fun )


AMAZINGLY. yeah. HAHAHAHA Maru was SOOOOOO cute in the Uta Onii making!!
(ohno too!!! I loved the part when he and Maru were doing stupid stuffs before the camera rolled~)

oh no, I think I might fall prey to Yasu's gayness. I find him super CUTE in ROMES!
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Yoz. I said I am on semi-hiatus alr! [notice a huge drop in random posts and a delay in comments replying? HAHA]

K8 scans!!! [???] )

For the benefit of Arashi fans who don't have the Kansai version of TV Pia 2009.10.24 and so happened to come by here to visit.

I very much prefer this cover

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost
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Oh, and the random massu picture which I saw by accident in the mag but I don't dare to post it anywhere.

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost
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Shit, I am blogging too much about Okura/K8 these days...

I will be eternally grateful to whoever who is willing to scan Hanako no.957 with Arashi and Tacchon!!

Soon, blogging hiatus would start.

OHNO!! [gosh, this is becoming like some ohno_daily_picspam journal.
and Sho is here for [Bad username or unknown identity: hisa_no_nikki]to admire!

Don't be too upset, I will still reply to mails, comments and drop random comments everywhere!

Oh ya, something interesting to read.
I never liked/read fanfiction, but I liked this because it's not like a regular fanfiction! the one who even thought of it is a genius. thanks [ profile] match1608for showing me the link!
*I probably stopped halfway because towards the back Massu and Tegoshi "twittered" lesser. HAHA*
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Sorry f-list [I know most of you aren't k8 fans..] This time I am posting some K8... *Just when I thought I would retire from the scanning world*

That should be it! I am going to sleep, I have a lesson tmr morning. sleepy

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost
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100% flailing about ROMES. )

I am scanning all the ROMES pages [ profile] happydaysx gave to me NOW!!!! Exchanged them with those My Girls pages I had!!! ^^ It's always great to have ichibans acting in the dramas where they fall on the same season.
Ohno and Yoko. )

and I totally missed My Girl cos of the damn connection. DARN! but nvm, I don't want to hear the themesong until I get my paws on the single..
and I am damn busy now, so I have to close shop [literally] soon!
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ahh.. i am feeling random and lazy to reply to comments now.

私は関西弁は知らないです..........., SO I ALMOST DIED WATCHING THE CONCERT. ;O;

watched k8 concert with massu fans [HUH?!] )

and Marvel has a new kyara called DIAMOND MAN. o.O )
Reason for photo: なし. Just felt like putting it.

i think i need to type and read and listen more japanese, my language ability seems to decrease by the day. my sister can listen to a level 2 listening, talk to me and play game at the same time, and still tell me what was the thing talking about. Whilst I paid much attention to a level 4 listening, I had no idea wth was happening 50% of the time.


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