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So many interesting things happened over the week. HAHA. I am wondering when the hell my TOKIO single will reach. It's almost a whole damn week!

Curly hair )

Yamanade )
Arashi )

Kanjani8 )

By the way, life has been busy (pack pack pack pack). So... I wasn't really active in replying comments. >
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FINALLY. I saw Kame with ICE! (sorry this cap is uncool)
THIS CAP IS DAMN CLEAR RIGHT! MUAHHAHA I love my internet connection today.

so every friday for the next 2-3 months at this time 9pm-10pm, I will be busy. no going out, ANYMORE!!
I must have watched too many promo vids, the first 7 minutes look as tho I have already watched them before.

the ghost is here (and that lil kid is so cute),

p.s; I love tego's pink dice shirt!!!!!!
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With great thanks to [personal profile] rainbowfied_at[who is coincidentally my friend's junior], I have this emoji thingy in my lj already!!! hearts Tension arrowuparrowup


if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost
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BELATED MASUDA BIRTHDAY RELEASE? Or Pre-Tanabata celebration release. HAHA!

Finally, we have subbed Tokyo Friend Park 2 with the RESCUE casts!! After 8 months?! I seen that no one has done it yet, thus after much procrastination we decided to go about doing it... (: While doing the translations for this, I realised the reason why no one wants to sub this. THIS IS A DIFFICULT VIDEO TO SUB....

DISCLAIMER: This is my first attempt to do translation, I am still learning, so the translations might not be 100% accurate, some sentences might be left out, but it's at least 99% accurate, so don't worry too much about that. Hope you all would enjoy kk!

Guests: Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN), Masuda Takahisa (NEWS), Yamamoto Yusuke, Daito Shunsuke

file format: avi
file size: 530mb [640x360]
duration: 00:48:35


Translation & Quality Check: [ profile] cookiesmon [that's me~]
Editors: [ profile] kwitch13 & [ profile] miszterius
Raw file acquired from: [ profile] yamapi85
ALL THE REST OF THE CREDITS goes to [profile] happydaysx , who has endured all the shit from me and everything, and managed to finish subbing the video. So, if you guys want to, THANK HER PLEASE.

Some mistakes I  have made: thanks [profile] triela_gg  for pointing them out.
1. The coins are worth 100 thousand yen, not 10 thousand yen
2. I  spelt Nagano as Nagago by accident... Sorry to all Nagano fans T.T

Some highlights (sorry, I am very tired after drinking, so this might be a bad highlight list)

There are a total of 5 games and 1 big challenge.
Wall crash produced more than disappointing results, Mimic paradise was just plain hilarious [just look at the screenshots], Stopper's Cubridge was a big test of their rhythm, Body and Brain allowed us to understand more about our idols and finally all of them display their manliness in the final hockey showdown.
I must say, this group is a worrying group, even though they looked so aspiring. See how all of them manage to survive all 5 rounds and go to the big challenge. Someone managed to get the big prize, while the others don't even get a scrubbing brush. What a way to end the game, isn't it?

Links: CREDIT : [profile] happydaysx
SOFTSUBS for those who need it!
And so yes, this is my first attempt, hope everyone enjoys it, and have a nice month ahead! (:

The usual rules of subbed videos do apply, feel free to spread the love, but no hotlinking pleaseeeee.
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Pictures heavy... [Fangirling heavy... -.o]

1. HARRY POTTER HD ACTION POSTER *the one I posted on my blog is LQ oops*. heheh, I am taking leave from work that day to watch this~ Or maybe by July I would have quit from my job already.


JE (: )
HAHHAHA (: I think Lj-cuts are important


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