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Be happy, 17 men here for you. Sharing is allowed.
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Okay. I know I ought to be slapped for not updating for 5 days.

Erm... Trying to do a 30 day meme. NOT AS EASY AS I THOUGHT.

anyway. I like Becky (♪# or not.)

No I am not a fan. But I just don't like how, people dislike her just because she was in Kaibutsu-kun SP.
COME AND HATE ME IF YOU WANT TO. If you are complaining she's everywhere. Then there are a lot of TV personalities that are ought to be slapped.

DAY 06 )

DAY 07 )

DAY 08 )

DAY 09 )

I shall pretend that today is not the 10th day.
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I was busy for the past few days. HAHAHA.

Anyway. ANY SINGAPOREANS WANNA SING KARAOKE WITH [ profile] happydaysx  AND ME? (She told me to announce it HAHA) Arashi songs. HAHA. Mon-Wed choose one day!


DAY 03. )

DAY 04 )

DAY 05 )

Okay, I very very tired. I go off first. be back tomorrow!
Wanted to do a lot of things today, ended up chatting with 8 people online.... didn't do anything productive.
But I finished translating the thing I was supposed to translate! (semi)

im still very pissed+upset with how sunare progressed (ep 10. I hate this episode).
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Now it's my turn to do it!

my lj is dead ever since... that controversial TOKIO photo. LOL so I shall do 2 30day memes at once! IS THERE A K8 VERSION? MIGHT AS WELL.


day 01 - Favorite Arashi song
Love So Sweet. :D

*better to post a video that is not from youtube right?*

subsequent 29 days... )

day 01 - Favourite NEWS song
夢の数だけ愛が生まれる - Yume no Kazu dake ai ga umareru

subsequent 29 days.. )

/edit 22nd June 2010


I totally crammed the Arashi and NEWS version together and made a Kanjani8 version.

day 01 - Favourite Kanjani8 song


subsequent 29 days. )

this is to ensure the survival of my lj.
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100 questions o.o )

sleep. kthxbai! tmr can watch the yamanade that cindy loaded for me HEHHEH.

I almost died during yoga today. hell, i need to train up my physiques more.

OH, IT'S MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY today, AND MY TOKIO SINGLE IS SHIPPED! (how lucky. I never have a single released on my birthday. Probably the closest was Sukiyanen, Osaka. 1 day difference. o.o)

and yay for this too. OHA!
something my sister and I have been waiting.

YOU (yoko) have a solo concert AGAIN *k8 members loves to do solo cons don't they?!* (I want his con shirt MUAHAHA)! Kisumai too! Joyous events!! jimusho needs to give NEWS one now too!
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ugh I can't read my mails from hotmail.

As stated in the previous post, I am on "post-countdown" high-ness! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

definitely not dial-up friendly )

2009 has been a good year, I am sure 2010 will be better!!!
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Wanted to make PSP wallpaper, but got work tdy, and I just finished watching Beyond the Realm of Conscience [a TVB drama that is super duper nice to watch], very TIRED.

!!! )

I bet u are damn tired of seeing the same arashi picture on ur f-list alr. )
jialat, I am SUPER busy this week and next week... band, jap EXAM [dun play play], work. I might have to end up quitting................................
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Anyway, I went to school at 8.30am today, finding out that school starts at 12 instead. YAY.

Another birthday spam.. HAHAHAHA!
It's 16 September, AND IT'S ONE DAY AFTER NEWS' BIRTHDAY!!!! *I feel so blessed TOO cos their "birthday" is only 2 days away from mine. HAHA!*

HAHA i actually found a similar "celebration" picture. AND IT'S OFFICIALLY THEIR 6th!

They have came a long way TOO! I just wish that they would be SLIGHTLY more active than they usually do.
2009: Koi no ABO -> 24 Hr TV -> NO MORE!.
[But please, not as active as Arashi though, my wallet will feel threatened, and my stomach gets into trouble]

And erm... following this has almost nth to do with NEWS...

but it's tegomasu! )

Sorry this post is late, because It's unjustified that I blog about Arashi's birthday yet I don't blog about NEWS' birthday...
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MASSUちゃんお誕生日おめでとう!!!! YOU ARE 23 already!!!!!!

That's crazy of me XDXD

PICTURES [very random ones XD] )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!! *seriously, I had a hard time finding KoyamaXMassu photos! I was so surprised that I found tons of Massu and Ryo's... And to think I find that the 2 of them has no "relation" in any way or another....*
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NOT A LEECHER ANYMORE! HAHAHA By the way, that's not the main point. The point is, my mum said sometime ago,"You buy the scanner never use.."

So after she made this comment, I decided to scan stuffs since I am in a good mood tdy? OLD MAGAZINES. Since I met mich [I forgot her lj user name so..] yesterday I might as well take this chance to fill up the gaps of the missing scans...

Scanned at 300dpi [Well, I tried 600dpi *I love things HD*, but my computer hung like free. It's okay, no fret, 300dpi is clear enough already]


Okay I shall take this chance to do some advertisement, for myself.
Anyone wanna buy the Hanadan+Haikei Chichiue Sama clippings from me? [I don't really keep drama clippings.. Unless it's an Ohno drama, or I really love that drama. I LOVED hanadan, but then I liked Oguri Shun in it, there's only one small lil corner of his picture, no point keeping..] 50cents per piece [Life's hard]. If want email me ah! (:

Credit: Me (: *just distribute just distribute it's okay just don't claim as yours can le~ HAHA*

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost

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okay not emo anymore, and yeah, I was stalking the News comm, and I saw this, so I decided that I should play this too. *I have played the arashi one before already!* CLICK for the arashi one! okay so I cancel the one that doesn't apply to me! and I underline those that TOTALLY apply to me.

the naggy meme )

they should have added this.

123. You do Shige's hand action from I.ZA.NA.I.ZU.KI (: [COS I DO IT] (:

I cancelled 27 points!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Well HAlf of those I cancelled doesn't even apply to me!!!! :(

You know what I mean right?

JUST FASTER RELEASE THIS. And who said guys with perm are not sexy~

I forced Charis to send me this. ISN'T THIS PICTURE SO CUTTTTEEEEEE??????????? (: (: (: I guess I can tag this under ohno since it's kinda related... OHNO OHNO OHNO~

being in a fandom is not easy hor )

You know why I love the NEWS fandom so much (:
And, yeah, my first attempt at buying Shop Photos [after 1 ohno photo] Now I have taken a fettish of shop photos instead of magazines! It's better to touch the "real" thing

Damn, I want Ashita no Kioku's..... I wish a singaporean goes over and buy them all for me.

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Before I start, let me complain a bit about "life" first.
1. Every other day my life is like this. Work -> OT -> Lesson -> Yoga -> Sleep. THAT'S NOT A LIFE.
2. You know exactly how long I have not "decently" sold my magazines?!? FOUR MONTHS!! And I have a mum who is urging me to get rid of them.. Once I quit my job, it's comeback time otherwise those pretty boys will end up in the nearest bin.
3. I need a third eye so that I can check bills, WITHOUT MAKING MISTAKES. seriously, almost a thousand bills is no joke..
4. Once I master japanese, it's time to be part of the "C" subbing team [since Cindy is a C and her fren is a C]
5. AND I MUST SUB ALL THE UN-SUBBED *thrown away?* YA-YA-YAH episodes. that's a DREAM only. whether people will want them subbed is another thing.

Back to the topic.

Hoho it's another release by Miss Cindy~

Please comment to show your appreciation there if you are directed from here... Cindy loves comments, so more comments = faster releases = I DIE cos I just upgraded to become the "uploader to MF"

Click on the picture to begin [sounds like a quiz]

I love..
1. That classic stuck up Nino face when he shot ard 200 yards for golf.
2. That classic Ohno face with his chin out.
3. That classic Aiba win.
4. That classic frustrated Sho

Seems that [ profile] happydaysx and I have the same mind... she took out all the screenshots of my favourite scenes.

You know what's the best thing about learning chinese??

You get scans that you can't find in english communities, and this is one fine example. Call me cock eye, but I have REALLY never seen this before ANYWHERE.

IT SUCKS THAT I CAN'T FIND HQ SCANS OF THIS MAGAZINE. [ profile] v3lv3ty [I should just call you Mrs. Massu] HELP!!!!

I took leave for tomorrow cos I was coughing non stop during lessons just now..

I AM SICK. now that's really something about myself.
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Pictures heavy... [Fangirling heavy... -.o]

1. HARRY POTTER HD ACTION POSTER *the one I posted on my blog is LQ oops*. heheh, I am taking leave from work that day to watch this~ Or maybe by July I would have quit from my job already.


JE (: )
HAHHAHA (: I think Lj-cuts are important
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I suddenly feel like watching Rescue again!! Yamamoto is so kawaii! In an earlier episode, Nakamaru boasted that he can wear the gas mask very clearly, so the following week they gave them a challenge. And since it was valentine's day, the person who wears the mask last will have to make a valentine's day confession on tv!!!

he lost!!! *I was wishing that either he or masuda lost!! omg i am such a sicko.* And his confession is so rescue-ish!!!!

After he made the embarrassing confession, everyone fainted.

Hello~ A NEW RELEASE!! The "filming" part of the video was included too! PLEASE SUPPORT AND COMMENT THERE! (: Click on the picture to be directed!


And I have made changes to my hair! My hair color is TEGO-ish, hairstyle is TEGO-ish, length is MASSU-ish!

After seeing the PV preview of Koi no ABO [it's really blood type, IM STUMPED], my impression of that song totally changed!!!


IT'S SO DIFFERENT FROM THE CM!!!!!! ARGHHHHH I preferred the CM, seriously!!!! but anyway, it's a different thing in a sense that there's women in the PV.. quite SEDUCTIVE also ahhh! THEY ARE GROWN UPS already! (:

WHY THIS HAIR!!! :( But it's okay, YOU ARE STILL LOVE <3

*MASSU DANCING WITH A GIRL OMG at the first screenshot.*

and it's amazing how ohno always ignore tegoshi, and both are my favourites!

Argh, i want to watch a lot of dramas and update my sales journal, NO TIME LEHHHHH!!! :(

I watched Hanamuru Cafe [2.2.2006] just now, tegoshi lost his first kiss to an older woman in gachi baka... ugh, he must have been darn pissed to know the kiss was not aired... this is so not a personal blog anymore! I think I still prefer to blog my own stuffs at blogger...
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Here's the masterpost of NEWS scans hehehehe

I named them really nicely, CTRL-F to find, if you can't find, means... I don't have it.

Regular Magazines
2011 Feb

Other Magazines

Kindai 2007 July

Best Stage Nov 2009

Only Star 2009.11.23
Oshare Hair 2010 Summer, Como 2010 June, Only Star 2010.05.03 *stahsee's!*
Only Star 2010.04.12
Only Star 2010.08.30
Only Star 2010.09.06
Saita 2010 Oct *stahsee's!*
Best Stage Feb 2011

TV Magazines

TV Life 2006.09.02-2006.09.15
TV Guide 2007.05.11 [Yamapi, Tegomasu]
TV Guide, Shuukan the Television 2010.03.20-2010.03.26
TV Fan 2010.03.28-2010.04.30 [Tegoshi Yuya]
TV Pia 2010.03.20-2010.04.04 [NEWS]
TV Life 2010.04.03-2010.04.16 [NEWS]
TV Fan 2010.04.27-2010.05.31, TV Guide 2010.04.17-2010.04.23, TV Life 2010.04.17-2010.04.30, TV Pia 2010.04.17-2010.05.02, TV Pia 2010.05.01-2010.05.21, Weekly the Television 2010.04.17-2010.04.23, Weekly The Television 2010.04.24-2010.05.07
TV Pia 2010.05.22-2010.06.06, TV Pia 2010.06.05-2010.06.20, TV Pia 2010.06.19-2010.07.04, TV Station 2009.11.14-2009.11.27
TV Pia 2010.08.14-2010.08.29
Weekly the Television 2010.09.11-2010.09.17, TV Guide 2010.09.11-2010.09.17, TV Pia 2010.09.11-2010.09.26 *stahsee's!*
TV Guide 2010.09.18-2010.09.24, TV Pia 2010.07.03-2010.07.18, TV Pia 2010.07.17-2010.08.01
Weekly the Television 2011.01.08-2011.01.14

Shop Photos

NamePreview/Download Links
七夕祭り Shop [Group]HERE
七夕祭り Shop [Massu]HERE
七夕祭り Shop [Tegoshi]HERE
テゴマスのうた con photosets scansHERE
テゴマスのうた CMHERE
テゴマスのうた Pamphlet [Group]HERE
テゴマスのうた Pamphlet [Individual]HERE
NWPD Masuperman [6 photos only]HERE
Sakura Girl [Group]HERE

テゴマスのうた con Clear file scans
雨の日の森の中 brochure scans *stahsee's!*
雨の日の森の中 postcard and sticker set scans
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Due to popular demand, I decided to open preorders for shop photos too. I will personally bring the photos back end first week of January 2011.

I'm situated in Singapore, but I will take orders from both Singaporeans and Overseas buyers.

Terms & Conditions
1. I am not responsible for any items that gets lost in the shipping process (I would suggest EMS/Registered Mail for overseas buyers)
2. Prices shown are in SINGAPORE DOLLARS (SGD), and they do not include postage/paypal fee.
3. No refunds. And I am not a scammer!
4. Modes of payment accepted: POSB bank transfer/Paypal
5. Payment must be made before the deadline or your order will be deemed invalid. For overseas buyers/local buyers who opt for postage, shipping quotes would be sent when I get the goods. (Feel free to ask for estimated shipping quotes to your country. But I won't be able to quote an exact amount for now.)
6. Mass meeting will be at my convenience.
7. At any time, this preorder is cancelled due to lack of response or other unforeseen circumstances, I will do an immediate refund to buyers who have made the transfer
8. This is on a PAY FIRST, FIRST SERVED basis. In the event that any photos are out of stock, I will give priority to those who pay first
9. Dateline (for order): 23 DEC 2010, SINGAPORE TIME 00:00HRS. Dateline (for payment): 24 DEC 2010, SINGAPORE TIME 00:00HRS.
10. If there are any shop photos released between 24 DEC 2010-2 JAN 2010, I will go to the shop, please let me know if you want any shop photos then!

Please leave comment (screened!) in the format below in this post/email me at

LJ Nickname:
Payment Method: POSB Transfer/Paypal
Collection Method: Mass Meetup/Registered Airmail / EMS
Email address:
Handphone Number: (Singaporeans only for contacting purposes)
Posting Address: (For those who are opting for mailing)

Set #1:

No. of Sets:

Set #2:
No. of Sets:

I can help to purchase the photos of other Johnny groups too, but I am not really sure of the number of photos per set thus I didn't include them into the list. (Do let me know if you have the numbers!)

And there are some photosets here that I do not have an exact number for, please let me know if you have a number!


Tegomasu no Ai Pamphlet
1 set of Group photos (18 pieces) : 61SGD
1 set of Masuda OR Tegoshi solo photos (28 pieces) : 95SGD

Yamapi’s solo concert
1 set (72 pieces): 245SGD

LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! Pamphlet
Group+Mixed (27 pieces): 92SGD
Yamapi OR Tegoshi OR Masuda (17 pieces): 58SGD
Koyama (15 pieces): 51SGD
Ryo (12 pieces): 41SGD
Shige (14 pieces): 47SGD

LIVE Album unplugged
Group (4 pieces): 14SGD
Yamapi OR Shige (13 pieces): 44SGD
Koyama OR Ryo OR Tegoshi (15 pieces): 51SGD
Massu (12 pieces): 41SGD

LIVE Album cover
Group (7 pieces): 24SGD
Mixed (8 pieces): 27SGD
Solo (13 pieces): 44SGD

Other possible photos available:
Moshimo kono sekai kara 00.., Tegomasu no Ai (Newspaper), Sakura Girl, Fighting Man


IF... or II (Murakami Shingo)
1 set (18 photos): 61SGD

Yokoyama You Ga Yacchaimasu ~3 (Yokoyama Yuu)
1 set (10 photos): 34SGD

Life~Me no Mae no Mukou e~
1 set of Group OR Mixed photos (around 10): 34SGD
1 set of solo photos (24 pieces): 82SGD

Wonderful World!
1 set of group+mixed photos (around 24): 82SGD
Okura (15 photos): 51SGD
Yokoyama (11 photos): 38SGD

8UPPERS Pamphlet shoot
RYO (18 pieces): 61SGD
OKURA (17 pieces): 58SGD
1 set of group photos (6 pieces): 21SGD
1 set of mixed photos (? Pieces):

8UPPERS movie
1 set of solo photos (around 10): 34SGD
1 set of group photos (around 4): 14SGD


Love Rainbow
Group+Mixed (8 pieces): 27SGD
Aiba OR Ohno (17 pieces): 58SGD
Sho (16 pieces): 55SGD
Nino OR Jun (18 pieces): 61SGD

SCENE Pamphlet shoot

Group+Mixed (8 pieces): 27SGD
Ohno (11 pieces): 38SGD

To Be Free
Group OR Sho (15 pieces): 51SGD
Aiba OR Ohno OR Jun (18 pieces): 61SGD
Nino (19 pieces): 64SGD

Hatenai Sora

*No.of shop photos available is still unknown*

Discounts would be given to those who buys more than 30 photos.

If you only want certain photos from the shop, please give me previews and email them to me. It's flat rate at 3.50SGD each (no discounts even if you buy more). I would only accept orders for photos between May 2010-now because I don't want you to be disappointed if I can't get the photos.


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