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So many interesting things happened over the week. HAHA. I am wondering when the hell my TOKIO single will reach. It's almost a whole damn week!

Curly hair )

Yamanade )
Arashi )

Kanjani8 )

By the way, life has been busy (pack pack pack pack). So... I wasn't really active in replying comments. >


Jan. 31st, 2010 10:15 pm
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my dp kawaii?? Cindy made it for me~!

shots from at least 8 years back )

btw, everyone should listen to Kinki's J Album. I LOVE IT. I hope the concert releases a DVD!!!! or rather, IT SHLD RELEASE A DVD.
I feel like bombing the agency with postcards for k8 to release a dvd from the CD concert cos I wanna see Babun-man in action..

and check out [ profile] je_cookiedaysx! there's a new scans release today~

random: last week I helped my sis buy toto, she strike today. I bought my own toto too, HOW COME I DON'T SEE MYSELF STRIKING?!

/edited on 1st Feb.
YESTERDAY WAS SHINGO'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! (no wonder my sister struck toto. *she's a crazy fan so probably Shingo's bday luck was rubbed onto her*)

happy birthday shingo mama! OHA.

and my sister talked a random fact about Shingo to me. She said,"you know, shingo used to do stupid things like putting Mayo onto wild grass. But he stopped doing it after getting rashes around his mouth one fine day."
my sister loves to talk to me about him.

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It's Aiba's birthday and 1 more day to X'mas, it's time for MORE SCANS!! Just filling some gaps and took [ profile] happydaysx photos to scan... *Most of those with Ohno's face are mine, the rest are hers*

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Happy Hari Raya [for those who celebrate]!!

Today is a JE day! Met the "concert watching" people just now and tallked, ate with [ profile] stahsee, and we coincidentally met an arashi fan in Kino and exchanged numbers with her. My question "Are you an Arashi fan?" sparked the entire thing.

btw yin-san, thanks for the handphone strap!! I am keeping it safe so I can remind myself to get there faster to buy extras when i get there. [I will try praying to it soon so I get to nihon land faster]

again. )

goodbye. so there's no need to wait till christmas afterall.
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Oh, and the random massu picture which I saw by accident in the mag but I don't dare to post it anywhere.

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost
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Hello! All good things will always come to an end.


Ciaos because I have an economics test to study for.

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost
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With great thanks to [personal profile] rainbowfied_at[who is coincidentally my friend's junior], I have this emoji thingy in my lj already!!! hearts Tension arrowuparrowup


if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost
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Anyway, I went to school at 8.30am today, finding out that school starts at 12 instead. YAY.

Another birthday spam.. HAHAHAHA!
It's 16 September, AND IT'S ONE DAY AFTER NEWS' BIRTHDAY!!!! *I feel so blessed TOO cos their "birthday" is only 2 days away from mine. HAHA!*

HAHA i actually found a similar "celebration" picture. AND IT'S OFFICIALLY THEIR 6th!

They have came a long way TOO! I just wish that they would be SLIGHTLY more active than they usually do.
2009: Koi no ABO -> 24 Hr TV -> NO MORE!.
[But please, not as active as Arashi though, my wallet will feel threatened, and my stomach gets into trouble]

And erm... following this has almost nth to do with NEWS...

but it's tegomasu! )

Sorry this post is late, because It's unjustified that I blog about Arashi's birthday yet I don't blog about NEWS' birthday...
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BELATED MASUDA BIRTHDAY RELEASE? Or Pre-Tanabata celebration release. HAHA!

Finally, we have subbed Tokyo Friend Park 2 with the RESCUE casts!! After 8 months?! I seen that no one has done it yet, thus after much procrastination we decided to go about doing it... (: While doing the translations for this, I realised the reason why no one wants to sub this. THIS IS A DIFFICULT VIDEO TO SUB....

DISCLAIMER: This is my first attempt to do translation, I am still learning, so the translations might not be 100% accurate, some sentences might be left out, but it's at least 99% accurate, so don't worry too much about that. Hope you all would enjoy kk!

Guests: Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN), Masuda Takahisa (NEWS), Yamamoto Yusuke, Daito Shunsuke

file format: avi
file size: 530mb [640x360]
duration: 00:48:35


Translation & Quality Check: [ profile] cookiesmon [that's me~]
Editors: [ profile] kwitch13 & [ profile] miszterius
Raw file acquired from: [ profile] yamapi85
ALL THE REST OF THE CREDITS goes to [profile] happydaysx , who has endured all the shit from me and everything, and managed to finish subbing the video. So, if you guys want to, THANK HER PLEASE.

Some mistakes I  have made: thanks [profile] triela_gg  for pointing them out.
1. The coins are worth 100 thousand yen, not 10 thousand yen
2. I  spelt Nagano as Nagago by accident... Sorry to all Nagano fans T.T

Some highlights (sorry, I am very tired after drinking, so this might be a bad highlight list)

There are a total of 5 games and 1 big challenge.
Wall crash produced more than disappointing results, Mimic paradise was just plain hilarious [just look at the screenshots], Stopper's Cubridge was a big test of their rhythm, Body and Brain allowed us to understand more about our idols and finally all of them display their manliness in the final hockey showdown.
I must say, this group is a worrying group, even though they looked so aspiring. See how all of them manage to survive all 5 rounds and go to the big challenge. Someone managed to get the big prize, while the others don't even get a scrubbing brush. What a way to end the game, isn't it?

Links: CREDIT : [profile] happydaysx
SOFTSUBS for those who need it!
And so yes, this is my first attempt, hope everyone enjoys it, and have a nice month ahead! (:

The usual rules of subbed videos do apply, feel free to spread the love, but no hotlinking pleaseeeee.
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MASSUちゃんお誕生日おめでとう!!!! YOU ARE 23 already!!!!!!

That's crazy of me XDXD

PICTURES [very random ones XD] )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!! *seriously, I had a hard time finding KoyamaXMassu photos! I was so surprised that I found tons of Massu and Ryo's... And to think I find that the 2 of them has no "relation" in any way or another....*
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1. I spent 5 hours clearing my room today.

This was how much I cleared after 5 hours.

An afternoon filled with sweat. )
*Got it from searching at google.. I lazy plug in my ext hd*
And so after a long and busy day with papers, I took a nice cold bath, sat down and re watched my arashi DVD!~ TIME! I LOVE THAT CONCERT THE MOST!!!

This is to make up for the TOTALLY blur Massu picture that I posted.. IS THIS CLEAR ENOUGH!?!? [I can't find one with Tegoshi in the backgrd tho..]
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okay not emo anymore, and yeah, I was stalking the News comm, and I saw this, so I decided that I should play this too. *I have played the arashi one before already!* CLICK for the arashi one! okay so I cancel the one that doesn't apply to me! and I underline those that TOTALLY apply to me.

the naggy meme )

they should have added this.

123. You do Shige's hand action from I.ZA.NA.I.ZU.KI (: [COS I DO IT] (:

I cancelled 27 points!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Well HAlf of those I cancelled doesn't even apply to me!!!! :(

You know what I mean right?

JUST FASTER RELEASE THIS. And who said guys with perm are not sexy~

I forced Charis to send me this. ISN'T THIS PICTURE SO CUTTTTEEEEEE??????????? (: (: (: I guess I can tag this under ohno since it's kinda related... OHNO OHNO OHNO~

being in a fandom is not easy hor )

You know why I love the NEWS fandom so much (:
And, yeah, my first attempt at buying Shop Photos [after 1 ohno photo] Now I have taken a fettish of shop photos instead of magazines! It's better to touch the "real" thing

Damn, I want Ashita no Kioku's..... I wish a singaporean goes over and buy them all for me.

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Pictures heavy... [Fangirling heavy... -.o]

1. HARRY POTTER HD ACTION POSTER *the one I posted on my blog is LQ oops*. heheh, I am taking leave from work that day to watch this~ Or maybe by July I would have quit from my job already.


JE (: )
HAHHAHA (: I think Lj-cuts are important
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OHNO IS NIKKAN SPORTS DRAMA GRAND PIX SUMMER 2008 BEST ACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*and omg 4 of them are Johnny's*
1 大野智 魔王 TBS 10355
2 山下智久 コード・ブルー フジテレビ 7857
3 生田斗真 魔王 TBS 2706
4 堂本剛 33分探偵 フジテレビ 1403
5 小池徹平 シバトラ フジテレビ 465
tsuyoshi is love too. but the drama sucks HAHA.

1 魔王 TBS 12567
2 コード・ブルー フジテレビ 7719
3 33分探偵 フジテレビ 1322
4 篤姫 NHK 723
5 シバトラ フジテレビ 454

Poor Toma, I like him too! BUT...
I still prefer him as Nakatsu! (:

Classic lah, Maou won EVERYTHING except best actress. And they do not even have a main female lead in the first place. HAHAHA I AM HYPERVENTILATING. SO HAPPY THAT I EVEN FORGOT THAT I HAVE A COUGH + HEADACHE + FEVER AND IS SUPPOSED TO DO RESTING.


even though i didn't finish watching it. shhh.

And which was the bloooooody magazine that said that OH-CHAN CAN'T ACT!?!?!?!??!?! QUIT IT.

THE RATINGS has thus proven to us that it is not accurate..

Beautiful Days cover looks... weird. HHAHAH
And I think Yuri Chinen is cute. *PAEDO*

And Daiki reminds me of Masuda. CUTE.(:

Now, go study. HAHAHAHA


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