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I am taking preorders for concert goods for 8UPPERS Kanjani8 Live Tour 2010-2011 at Osaka!
I will buy the goods at Kyocera Dome (Osaka), and I will personally bring them back on the first week of January 2011.

I'm situated in Singapore, but I will take orders from both Singaporeans and Overseas buyers.

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P.S: Shop photo preorders HERE.

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Due to popular demand, I decided to open preorders for shop photos too. I will personally bring the photos back end first week of January 2011.

I'm situated in Singapore, but I will take orders from both Singaporeans and Overseas buyers.

Terms & Conditions
1. I am not responsible for any items that gets lost in the shipping process (I would suggest EMS/Registered Mail for overseas buyers)
2. Prices shown are in SINGAPORE DOLLARS (SGD), and they do not include postage/paypal fee.
3. No refunds. And I am not a scammer!
4. Modes of payment accepted: POSB bank transfer/Paypal
5. Payment must be made before the deadline or your order will be deemed invalid. For overseas buyers/local buyers who opt for postage, shipping quotes would be sent when I get the goods. (Feel free to ask for estimated shipping quotes to your country. But I won't be able to quote an exact amount for now.)
6. Mass meeting will be at my convenience.
7. At any time, this preorder is cancelled due to lack of response or other unforeseen circumstances, I will do an immediate refund to buyers who have made the transfer
8. This is on a PAY FIRST, FIRST SERVED basis. In the event that any photos are out of stock, I will give priority to those who pay first
9. Dateline (for order): 23 DEC 2010, SINGAPORE TIME 00:00HRS. Dateline (for payment): 24 DEC 2010, SINGAPORE TIME 00:00HRS.
10. If there are any shop photos released between 24 DEC 2010-2 JAN 2010, I will go to the shop, please let me know if you want any shop photos then!

Please leave comment (screened!) in the format below in this post/email me at

LJ Nickname:
Payment Method: POSB Transfer/Paypal
Collection Method: Mass Meetup/Registered Airmail / EMS
Email address:
Handphone Number: (Singaporeans only for contacting purposes)
Posting Address: (For those who are opting for mailing)

Set #1:

No. of Sets:

Set #2:
No. of Sets:

I can help to purchase the photos of other Johnny groups too, but I am not really sure of the number of photos per set thus I didn't include them into the list. (Do let me know if you have the numbers!)

And there are some photosets here that I do not have an exact number for, please let me know if you have a number!


Tegomasu no Ai Pamphlet
1 set of Group photos (18 pieces) : 61SGD
1 set of Masuda OR Tegoshi solo photos (28 pieces) : 95SGD

Yamapi’s solo concert
1 set (72 pieces): 245SGD

LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! Pamphlet
Group+Mixed (27 pieces): 92SGD
Yamapi OR Tegoshi OR Masuda (17 pieces): 58SGD
Koyama (15 pieces): 51SGD
Ryo (12 pieces): 41SGD
Shige (14 pieces): 47SGD

LIVE Album unplugged
Group (4 pieces): 14SGD
Yamapi OR Shige (13 pieces): 44SGD
Koyama OR Ryo OR Tegoshi (15 pieces): 51SGD
Massu (12 pieces): 41SGD

LIVE Album cover
Group (7 pieces): 24SGD
Mixed (8 pieces): 27SGD
Solo (13 pieces): 44SGD

Other possible photos available:
Moshimo kono sekai kara 00.., Tegomasu no Ai (Newspaper), Sakura Girl, Fighting Man


IF... or II (Murakami Shingo)
1 set (18 photos): 61SGD

Yokoyama You Ga Yacchaimasu ~3 (Yokoyama Yuu)
1 set (10 photos): 34SGD

Life~Me no Mae no Mukou e~
1 set of Group OR Mixed photos (around 10): 34SGD
1 set of solo photos (24 pieces): 82SGD

Wonderful World!
1 set of group+mixed photos (around 24): 82SGD
Okura (15 photos): 51SGD
Yokoyama (11 photos): 38SGD

8UPPERS Pamphlet shoot
RYO (18 pieces): 61SGD
OKURA (17 pieces): 58SGD
1 set of group photos (6 pieces): 21SGD
1 set of mixed photos (? Pieces):

8UPPERS movie
1 set of solo photos (around 10): 34SGD
1 set of group photos (around 4): 14SGD


Love Rainbow
Group+Mixed (8 pieces): 27SGD
Aiba OR Ohno (17 pieces): 58SGD
Sho (16 pieces): 55SGD
Nino OR Jun (18 pieces): 61SGD

SCENE Pamphlet shoot

Group+Mixed (8 pieces): 27SGD
Ohno (11 pieces): 38SGD

To Be Free
Group OR Sho (15 pieces): 51SGD
Aiba OR Ohno OR Jun (18 pieces): 61SGD
Nino (19 pieces): 64SGD

Hatenai Sora

*No.of shop photos available is still unknown*

Discounts would be given to those who buys more than 30 photos.

If you only want certain photos from the shop, please give me previews and email them to me. It's flat rate at 3.50SGD each (no discounts even if you buy more). I would only accept orders for photos between May 2010-now because I don't want you to be disappointed if I can't get the photos.


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