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I am ABSOLUTELY sure these are somewhere around the virtual world, but I can't find some of them, so I might as just well scan them. Collection's sake~ HAHAHA. Here are the scans of Arashi from Wink Up, Duet and Popolo in Jan 2007 (: I have seen a lot of scans of the other magazines elsewhere, just go search search ard (: If not, just request [If the demand is high that is] I would scan it next Sunday! Enjoy!

Anyway, to those who have added me on their F-list, sorry I don't add you all back cos we have never conversed before.. I only add people I know. Sorry about that! Anyway there's no need to add me, I don't lock my posts (:


Yeah, and the random Tegoshi picture. From Popolo Nov 2006

Comments not neccessary, but would be nice! (:

Credit: me~ (: Just distribute
-no hotlinking thanks! (:

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost

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NOT A LEECHER ANYMORE! HAHAHA By the way, that's not the main point. The point is, my mum said sometime ago,"You buy the scanner never use.."

So after she made this comment, I decided to scan stuffs since I am in a good mood tdy? OLD MAGAZINES. Since I met mich [I forgot her lj user name so..] yesterday I might as well take this chance to fill up the gaps of the missing scans...

Scanned at 300dpi [Well, I tried 600dpi *I love things HD*, but my computer hung like free. It's okay, no fret, 300dpi is clear enough already]


Okay I shall take this chance to do some advertisement, for myself.
Anyone wanna buy the Hanadan+Haikei Chichiue Sama clippings from me? [I don't really keep drama clippings.. Unless it's an Ohno drama, or I really love that drama. I LOVED hanadan, but then I liked Oguri Shun in it, there's only one small lil corner of his picture, no point keeping..] 50cents per piece [Life's hard]. If want email me ah! (:

Credit: Me (: *just distribute just distribute it's okay just don't claim as yours can le~ HAHA*

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost


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