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1. Sang karaoke ytd for 7 hours straight. Tired ttm. But damn fun! Let's have more okayyyyy!

the rest are all drama talk. )
p.s: I am adding a Mukai Ssamu & Naohito Fujiki tag to my LJ! WOOO! :D (what took me so long)

I hope Osamu and Fujiki appear in a magazine together, I can just make a new DP out of that. (screw you! 15 userpic limit!)


Jun. 9th, 2010 09:40 pm
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credits: [ profile] nitross 


5 years later... 2010.06.08


Thanks to [ profile] screamyheart who directed me to this picture on twitter! She was like,"Do you find this familiar?" then I was like,"OMG IS THAT A JOKE ON ACT II" then realised that it's the government. Sorry. That post was removed from Y!JN already. Maybe cos Johnny found it and realised it's infringing his darn copyrights (you know I am kidding. Just wanted to find something to poke fun at) so it was removed.

anyway. I have always wanted to blog about this Act II album. There's this song in there that is so weird. I don't know how to play/sing it.

The tune is nice, BUT IT'S AD-LIBBING?


and and Mabo has gone to TPF like many many times, I only seen him in there.. twice. once with TOKIO, other with Yaoh. Can anyone let me know where to find the rest?!
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1. I have finally made a Mabo+Ohno user pic!! SOMETHING I HAVE BEEN YEARNING FOR AGES.

2. I changed my layout header pic. "Emo" Kaibutsu kun with a lot of green? HAHAHA I like the feel of that picture, damn cool.

3. I am watching Manhattan Love Story again with my sister NOW! I think this is the 7th time I am watching it.

Mabo is so cute!!!! Can't believe it's been 7 years~

a. Kudo Kankuro (director scriptwriter *obviously I didn't check this, kudos to [ profile] nana_komatsu7  for pointing it out!* of RnK!)! you probably would like this if u liked RnK?
b. Joshima + Becky = random couple in taxi.
c. 2 YEAR OLD BABY SEISHIRO!! (I was stumped when I watched it again 2 months back)
d. Mabo narrating the entire drama~ (he didn't talk for the whole drama! *except for the times when the beard wasn't on his face* his facial expression is sooo wonderful)
e. THE THEMESONG.The guitar version DAMN NICE. I have been listening to it for 7 years, still my favourite song! I'm still looking for people to sing it with me in KTV.
f. The unique love storyline.


and I love the mascot. I think I downloaded this when I first knew how to use the internet, so I don't know where I got it from. probably the official website that has nothing but coffee beans.

[ profile] monstakarotte let me know your thoughts after you watch it!!!!!

4. Aiba looks damn good in the Monster shop photos! Ahh.. I want scans of Ohno's!

5. When the **** is Sunao ni Narenakute casts gonna go on VSA?

Obviously this is a mini-Mabo pimp post, so point 3 is the most impt.


May. 23rd, 2010 12:48 am
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And it's in the middle of Yoko's tour!! :( JIAYOU BLACK RANGER!!!!! He's really professional, gone back to work on the 19th... And kinda awkward since his mum passed away on Tacchon's birthday.....

and check out what he had blogged..

on a slightly brighter note,

credits: [ profile] arashi_no_jidai (They upload at the speed of light and I like it)
I AM SO BUYING THIS MONTH'S POPOLO. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I HAVE WAITED FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS. It's been 3 years since I last saw Mabo in popolo orz.. The last time I saw was 2007 April. (Unless I missed anything and I don't know)
*runs away to make a dp*
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I was thinking about Kanjani8 being the personality this year since everyone has done it already. but nvm~
THIS IS EQUALLY WONDERFUL. it's been 7 years already! I wonder if Gussan will run again. LOL

and they are calling this the "Record breaking third time". HAHA
I hope JOUSHIMA IS THE MAIN LEAD FOR THE 24HOUR TV drama!!! (even tho Mabo is my favourite)

okay. 2 down, 3 more papers to go! I reply comments another day~ I siam now!


okay, I was watching this short animation (downloading it right now! YAYYYY). I find it cool, and annoying-ly amusing. HAHA and that kid who went with Haribo is touching Esso's breast on purpose. LOL. and what happened to Haribo btw?!

it's pretty similar to 2012 (it's about Global warming anyways.) and my favourite part: Ronald banging onto "Weight Watchers". PERFECT.
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OH MY GAWD. I CAN'T EXPLAIN MY EXCITEMENT RIGHT NOW. AND I AM IN THE SCHOOL LIBRARY NOW I CAN'T SCREAM OR DO ANYTHING. and happydaysx is beside me now I think she thinks that I am crazy.



the ears!!!!

that's all I am hungry. NODAME LATER! WHOOTS.


Cindy was saying how this poster looks like some China drama production poster.
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ugh I can't read my mails from hotmail.

As stated in the previous post, I am on "post-countdown" high-ness! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

definitely not dial-up friendly )

2009 has been a good year, I am sure 2010 will be better!!!
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100% flailing about ROMES. )

I am scanning all the ROMES pages [ profile] happydaysx gave to me NOW!!!! Exchanged them with those My Girls pages I had!!! ^^ It's always great to have ichibans acting in the dramas where they fall on the same season.
Ohno and Yoko. )

and I totally missed My Girl cos of the damn connection. DARN! but nvm, I don't want to hear the themesong until I get my paws on the single..
and I am damn busy now, so I have to close shop [literally] soon!
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Today is 22 September. XD

It's TOKIO's, KANJANI8 *thanks [profile] nana_komatsu7 for informing me. I am such a noob fan!! XD* AND SUBARU'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

TOKIO, Kanjani8, Subaru and my surprise. )

And thus I would like to specially thank [profile] hisa_no_nikki for these!

Okay, off to school? HAHA It's raining I don't even feel like leaving the house..

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random before I sleep.

YES *Now I am wondering, WHO WILL SEND IN THE VTR. Nakamaru?*

I hope they perform Taiyou to Sabaku no Bara + *greedy* Subeki Koto! [40th SINGLE OH MY GAWD]

Since it's sunday, it's erm.. F-list stalking time, and I saw this video by O-E subs.

Someone's complaining about Arashi and the difficulty in getting the tickets.. HAHA!!
*OMG, MABO SHAVED HIS HEAD. HE HAS NO MORE HAIR.* but oh well, he's still MY COOLEST drummer alive.

THIS EPISODE OF OUSAMA, IS DARN FUNNY. TOKIO was playing this shooting game to gain promotion time, and in the end... they won, 1 SECOND.

I WILL BUY IT!! And I need ADVISE, WHICH TOKIO LE SINGLE SHOULD I BUY?! I CAN'T DECIDE. LE A or LE B? Which making of footage is funnier...? Don't tell me to buy both please, IT'S DIRECT MURDER.

On a LIGHTER mode: I PASSED MY JAP TEST [and managed to do decently well cos I thought I have failed]
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*I used the RE photo cos got face HAHAHAHAHAHHA*

*wth man, when it came out in feb I should have just snagged it since I love MABOOOOO so much. now regret alr cos now I like Tacchon too. And it's crazy that I have been listening to the song for so long already it took me long enough to realise my addiction for it.*
i should learn from my sister. as long as the idol's inside, JUST BUY IT. [she haven't even listen to shingo's new single yet, she just snagged it cos she say,"IT'S SHINGO MAH, JUST BUY LOR."]

btw, I must be out of my mind. let me tell you what I bought yesterday [I figured it's time to use up the Cdjapan coupon *THAT STUPID COUPON ONLY CAN BE USED WITH MORE THAN 3000YEN PURCHASE MADE ME END UP SPENDING MORE THAN I SHOULD* and the money in my paypal since I can't take them out and put into my pocket might as well use them...]
1. PUZZLE Album LIMITED EDITION [I heard there's good stuffs inside so I decided to buy it and join in the fun]
2. It's My Soul LIMITED EDITION [I got a shock when I saw it on sale... It's such an old single...]
3. Zukkoke Otokomichi LIMITED EDITION
4. Wahhaha REGULAR EDITION [Hmm, this is exception cos I wanted it since last year already and i was pissed that there's no more LE for this and this is the one I wanted the most...]

Oh, all of the above are KANJANI8's.

WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!?!?!?!?!?! I am buying K8 cds.....................

Oh, I want to buy Musekinin Hero too, but I can't decide which version I want.. The orange or the blue one? Maybe I should watch the DVD online first before buying... *Later it's some impulse thing I will regret my life*

no time, no money, no cd, got school....

To end off,



and my cough hasn't recovered............. damn it
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WHY is it always when I start to like a particular idol, they always have a shit hair soon after/sooner or later.
Random: The ones I like, always are not the spokesperson of the grp... They only talk when people literally tell them to talk... UGH.
I am actually watching Kanjani 8 shows now cos they are SUPER funny. )

Point of post: I am super bored from studying. I have not stalked my f-list for 2 days consec

Random: I have this hard card, because it's behind Ohno's. HAHAHAHAHA coincidence is a funny thing.


Jun. 25th, 2009 12:20 am
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I LOVE 5LDK!! I LOVE TOKIO!!!! *I shall watch the special VS arashi clip with them again~!!* HAHAHAHAHAHHA. And so Toma was the guest, and they were talking about Johnny's Entertainment like ALWAYS. 

POOR JOUSHIMA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. He's seriously LOL throughout lah!!!! Even had interaction time with Toma cos they have never interacted before... o.O

Haiz, poor TOKIO. Only getting first on the charts after 22 singles. SERIOUSLY, THEY NEED MORE LOVE.

And I just wanted to put this.



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