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With great thanks to [personal profile] rainbowfied_at[who is coincidentally my friend's junior], I have this emoji thingy in my lj already!!! hearts Tension arrowuparrowup


if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost
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BELATED MASUDA BIRTHDAY RELEASE? Or Pre-Tanabata celebration release. HAHA!

Finally, we have subbed Tokyo Friend Park 2 with the RESCUE casts!! After 8 months?! I seen that no one has done it yet, thus after much procrastination we decided to go about doing it... (: While doing the translations for this, I realised the reason why no one wants to sub this. THIS IS A DIFFICULT VIDEO TO SUB....

DISCLAIMER: This is my first attempt to do translation, I am still learning, so the translations might not be 100% accurate, some sentences might be left out, but it's at least 99% accurate, so don't worry too much about that. Hope you all would enjoy kk!

Guests: Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN), Masuda Takahisa (NEWS), Yamamoto Yusuke, Daito Shunsuke

file format: avi
file size: 530mb [640x360]
duration: 00:48:35


Translation & Quality Check: [ profile] cookiesmon [that's me~]
Editors: [ profile] kwitch13 & [ profile] miszterius
Raw file acquired from: [ profile] yamapi85
ALL THE REST OF THE CREDITS goes to [profile] happydaysx , who has endured all the shit from me and everything, and managed to finish subbing the video. So, if you guys want to, THANK HER PLEASE.

Some mistakes I  have made: thanks [profile] triela_gg  for pointing them out.
1. The coins are worth 100 thousand yen, not 10 thousand yen
2. I  spelt Nagano as Nagago by accident... Sorry to all Nagano fans T.T

Some highlights (sorry, I am very tired after drinking, so this might be a bad highlight list)

There are a total of 5 games and 1 big challenge.
Wall crash produced more than disappointing results, Mimic paradise was just plain hilarious [just look at the screenshots], Stopper's Cubridge was a big test of their rhythm, Body and Brain allowed us to understand more about our idols and finally all of them display their manliness in the final hockey showdown.
I must say, this group is a worrying group, even though they looked so aspiring. See how all of them manage to survive all 5 rounds and go to the big challenge. Someone managed to get the big prize, while the others don't even get a scrubbing brush. What a way to end the game, isn't it?

Links: CREDIT : [profile] happydaysx
SOFTSUBS for those who need it!
And so yes, this is my first attempt, hope everyone enjoys it, and have a nice month ahead! (:

The usual rules of subbed videos do apply, feel free to spread the love, but no hotlinking pleaseeeee.


May. 30th, 2009 06:12 pm
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and no more comments.

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I suddenly feel like watching Rescue again!! Yamamoto is so kawaii! In an earlier episode, Nakamaru boasted that he can wear the gas mask very clearly, so the following week they gave them a challenge. And since it was valentine's day, the person who wears the mask last will have to make a valentine's day confession on tv!!!

he lost!!! *I was wishing that either he or masuda lost!! omg i am such a sicko.* And his confession is so rescue-ish!!!!

After he made the embarrassing confession, everyone fainted.

Hello~ A NEW RELEASE!! The "filming" part of the video was included too! PLEASE SUPPORT AND COMMENT THERE! (: Click on the picture to be directed!


And I have made changes to my hair! My hair color is TEGO-ish, hairstyle is TEGO-ish, length is MASSU-ish!

After seeing the PV preview of Koi no ABO [it's really blood type, IM STUMPED], my impression of that song totally changed!!!


IT'S SO DIFFERENT FROM THE CM!!!!!! ARGHHHHH I preferred the CM, seriously!!!! but anyway, it's a different thing in a sense that there's women in the PV.. quite SEDUCTIVE also ahhh! THEY ARE GROWN UPS already! (:

WHY THIS HAIR!!! :( But it's okay, YOU ARE STILL LOVE <3

*MASSU DANCING WITH A GIRL OMG at the first screenshot.*

and it's amazing how ohno always ignore tegoshi, and both are my favourites!

Argh, i want to watch a lot of dramas and update my sales journal, NO TIME LEHHHHH!!! :(

I watched Hanamuru Cafe [2.2.2006] just now, tegoshi lost his first kiss to an older woman in gachi baka... ugh, he must have been darn pissed to know the kiss was not aired... this is so not a personal blog anymore! I think I still prefer to blog my own stuffs at blogger...


Oct. 15th, 2008 10:19 pm
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BECAUSE YUSUKE ROCKS. *i love his hands*
BECAUSE SHUN ROCKS *i love his facial expression*
BECAUSE TOMA ROCKS *i love his hair*
BECAUSE MAKI ROCKS *she's sooooooo pretty*
BECAUSE HIRO ROCKS. *he simply rocks la*

AHHH I LOVE JAPANESE GUYS IN UNIFORM!!!! *OMG THAT's BIAN TAI!* and starts highing about Japan.

OMG that hand action from Yusuke is SO UNFORGETTABLE!!!! The prelude of the special!
*Shun wasn't around!!!! HAHA maybe he went to film HYDF*

WOO the HD version of Hana Kimi SP is like out! 1.8GB! But no subs. HAHAHA i shall wait for the subs then download. VAL YOU WANT? I BURN A COPY AFTER A LEVELS! HAHAHAHAHA

OKAY off to check my bloody chem answers! GOT CHEM MOCK TMR

I'M GONNA WATCH HANA KIMI FOR THE FIFTH TIME AFTER A LEVELS! *omg it just never gets old* The taiwan one can go....

P.S: the mj perc section very gossipy! HAHAAHHAHA thinks of the super random dinner we had just now and regina was laughing rly loudly in Cavana. HAHA and JASON CRIED! *cos he was too tired*
P.S.S: the big mole/muscular guy from Crime Busters x2 is very funny! finally a chn 8 show that I will watch.. HAHA and that's like my only entertainment for now since there's the big A's
P.S.S.S: Let's stop playing Scissors paper stone and make it Jan Ken Pon instead. MORE STYLE.


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