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NOT A LEECHER ANYMORE! HAHAHA By the way, that's not the main point. The point is, my mum said sometime ago,"You buy the scanner never use.."

So after she made this comment, I decided to scan stuffs since I am in a good mood tdy? OLD MAGAZINES. Since I met mich [I forgot her lj user name so..] yesterday I might as well take this chance to fill up the gaps of the missing scans...

Scanned at 300dpi [Well, I tried 600dpi *I love things HD*, but my computer hung like free. It's okay, no fret, 300dpi is clear enough already]

Hanako [2008.11.27] & TV Guide [2007.05.04] - ARASHI

MF - Warning: It's only Ohno, Nino, and a small Arashi picture.

Wink Up 2007 Feb - ARASHI


WITH June 2009 - SHO SAKURAI [I have no idea where this is from, it's my sister's friend's magazine so she ripped it out without telling us which magazine is this from. HAHA anyone who knows, do tell me~~!] thanks a lot to [ profile] furokugal !! 


TV Guide [2007.05.11] - NEWS

MU - Warning: Only Tegomasu (3 pieces cos I lost Yamapi's page)

Wink Up [2007 Feb] - I was looking through I actually found a radio report of Tegomasu and K8!!! [That's such a bonus~~], oh and a scan of Shiget Together...


Potato [2007 Feb] - J.J Express - Seriously this is by chance too. And since I like Inoo and Daiki, might as well.


Okay I shall take this chance to do some advertisement, for myself.
Anyone wanna buy the Hanadan+Haikei Chichiue Sama clippings from me? [I don't really keep drama clippings.. Unless it's an Ohno drama, or I really love that drama. I LOVED hanadan, but then I liked Oguri Shun in it, there's only one small lil corner of his picture, no point keeping..] 50cents per piece [Life's hard]. If want email me ah! (:

Credit: Me (: *just distribute just distribute it's okay just don't claim as yours can le~ HAHA*

if you missed the older scans, please click this LINK to the masterpost


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