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Pictures heavy... [Fangirling heavy... -.o]

1. HARRY POTTER HD ACTION POSTER *the one I posted on my blog is LQ oops*. heheh, I am taking leave from work that day to watch this~ Or maybe by July I would have quit from my job already.


2. I WANT SHOUNEN CLUB MP3 RIPS! and as a lazy bum, I AM BREAKING DOWN [exaggerate] because I only found like 10 rips.. and it seems that "雪が降ってきた" by SMAP is a relatively popular song to sing... AND I LOVE THIS SONG BTW [But original is still the best.. esp the BALLAD VERSION]

3. Sho appeared on Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen! I WANT THE SUBS.

4. I LOVE THE LIVE VERSION OF NEWS' FIESTA! [especially the Never Ending Wonderful Story one. OMG BEAUTIFUL TEGO VOICE~]

I am lazy to upload the mp3 rip to imeem, so... oops.

5. I CAN'T DOWNLOAD THE NEWER EPISODES [2006+2007 ones] OF YA-YA-YAH, AND IT'S INTRIGUING ME. *I realised the show is funny even without subs* I NEED SOME HELP HERE.

kawai ku ne ~ yo! [im just copying what the screenie said] SO CUTE!! 

6. I swear I felt sad when Ya-ya-yah ended [as much as I am not a fan of them]. BECAUSE THAT MEANT NO MORE SHIGE+KOYAMA+MASSU+TEGO+INOO+DAIKI'S appearances in there!!!! Heng, hyakushiki is still showing [altho damn it keito is the regular who always sprouts random english in the beginning of the show.]

7. I was watching a very very old episode of Shounen Club [I was feeling very nostalgic], I SUDDENLY SAW OHNO SINGING A SOLO [One of SMAP's song. I can sing it but my sister is like ignoring me now to tell me the song title.]

with a very random man dancing in front of him and he's looking really old.

8. Chinen was so cute~

*I secretly wished it was daiki though*

9. And so I was watching another episode of Shounen Club [Taguchi was the producer] at work even though it's supposed to be a busy week *WITH ALL THE DAMNED OTs* and I saw a FUNNY SIGHT. I WAS LAUGHING WHEN I SAW IT. U will understand.


That's why I say I will never understand Ueda. Just look at the diff between his face and kusano's. Kusano put his hand over Ueda's shoulder, and he immediately turned away like that.. -.o

Koyama, Taguchi, Ryo happily singing

Tegoshi/Jin: Why the **** am I standing here.
SERIOUSLY, THEY DIDN'T EVEN SMILE and just look at their distance... AND THIS MADE ME LAUGH HARD. Cos one is my favourite, and another is not so my favourite

10. I CRIED WHILE WATCHING DOOR TO DOOR. Especially when ____ [something happened] and Nino was crying!!! :( HIS ACTING IS OMG LAHHHHHHH! OH MY GAWD.

Courtesy to [ profile] happydaysx

11. My sister just announced to me that she will buy Quiz Show dvd, GOOD.

12. RESCUE IS NICE!! [I decided to give it another chance, and yes, the drama is much nicer when you watch it with subs.]

I need to be rescued.

13. THE SUBS FOR ATASHINCHI NO DANSHI IS OUT OH MY GAWD~ but it's the soft subs... *chay*
HAHHAHA (: I think Lj-cuts are important


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