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Yay I updated my sales journal! [haha?] This might be kinda old, but minna san! if you are quite a johnny's person, try this thing!!!

Anyway that shit is in japanese, so the way to play it is, when u go to the page, you will see 2 names right, click the one you like more. If you like both [like it sucks when they put Ohno and Matsuoka's name tgt], click "引き分け". and if you happen to not like both names or you don't know any of them, then you click this "どうでもいい". However, if you can, try to at least choose 1 person, otherwise your results will just end up like.. not so pretty.

the last thing, HAVE FUN~ oh no if people come across my blog and see that their favourites are not on my favourites, I wonder what's their reaction. But oh wells, different people different interest, I can understand.

edited 16 jan 2010
now u know i how much I do not like KAT-TUN &HSJ. and I only like Inohara+Nagano from V6, the rest.. No feeling!
HAHA, it's funny how, 1 year ago, those from K8 were at the bottom of my ranking. Cos I didn't know who they were..

1 大野智 (Arashi)
2 松岡昌宏 (TOKIO)
3 大倉忠義 (Kanjani8)
4 二宮和也 (Arashi)
5 堂本剛 (KinKi Kids)
6 手越祐也 (NEWS)
6 増田貴久 (NEWS)
8 櫻井翔 (Arashi)
9 渋谷すばる (Kanjani8)
10 横山裕 (Kanjani8)
11 丸山隆平 (Kanjani8)
12 安田章大 (Kanjani8)
13 相葉雅紀 (Arashi)
14 長瀬智也 (TOKIO)
15 加藤成亮 (NEWS)
16 城島茂 (TOKIO)
17 小山慶一郎 (NEWS)
18 井ノ原快彦 (V6)
19 堂本光一(KinKi Kids)
20 村上信五 (Kanjani8)
21 中居正広 (SMAP)
22 香取慎吾 (SMAP)
23 松本潤 (Arashi)
24 長野博 (V6)
25 山口達也 (TOKIO)
26 森田剛 (V6)
27 国分太一 (TOKIO)
28 草なぎ剛 (SMAP)
29 木村拓哉 (SMAP)
30 稲垣吾郎 (SMAP)
31 坂本昌行 (V6)
32 三宅健 (V6)
33 伊野尾慧 (HSJ)
34 有岡大貴 (HSJ)
35 滝沢秀明 (T&T)
35 今井翼 (T&T)
37 岡田准一 (V6)
38 錦戸亮 (Kanjani8/NEWS)
39 八乙女光 (HSJ)
40 亀梨和也 (KAT-TUN)
41 藪宏太 (HSJ)
42 中丸雄一 (KAT-TUN)
43 山下智久 (NEWS)
44 田口淳之介 (KAT-TUN)
45 中島裕翔 (HSJ)
46 森本龍太郎 (HSJ)
47 田中聖 (KAT-TUN)
48 上田竜也 (KAT-TUN)
49 岡本圭人 (HSJ)
50 知念侑李 (HSJ) <-- Yes, I DON'T LIKE THIS GUY A LOT
51 高木雄也 (HSJ)
52 山田涼介 (HSJ)
53 赤西仁 (KAT-TUN) <-- TBH, I hate him

The bottom 4 names are like SOOOO expected.



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