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1. I spent 5 hours clearing my room today.

This was how much I cleared after 5 hours.

2. I have a lot of Myojo magazines that I do not want... Since I want none of the clippings might as well sell the entire thing. Anyone interested? Mar, Apr, May 2009 issues. 8 dollars each. I don't like Myojo. Be it size, price or paper quality.
3. I HATE TO TEAR POPOLO. It's big and the paper is so fragile.
4. I tore my Wink Ups [and chucked them into a file]
5. And I threw ALMOST all my TVB magazines away.

1. My mum threw all my Young Songs away [Thank god I actually hidden half of them] as a warning already.
2. My sister is getting irritated with all the piling magazines [and she's not contributing to the clearing up...o.O]
3. I am irritated with my mum for throwing my young songs away [thank god not the clippings, I would have left home], so I decided to clear up.
4. I bought Maou DVD, it's missing I need to find it back.

I need to re-sort my CDs [and my sister's.. we put them tgt].. the arrangement is messed up already!!! cos I was ransaking [and as usual I found stuffs I didn't know they existed] it and stuffs got messed up...

1. KINKI KIDS' HAKKA CANDY [like oh my gawd?! and it's the song Tegomasu mentioned in Domoto Kyoudai!] *background is Ryo singing btw. HAHAHA and I took a picture cos I was laughing when I saw it*
4. Arashi's Aozora Pedal *No wonder I didn't notice Arashi last time.. The cover itself looks weird*

Mrs Sakurai did mention her interest of coming to my house before, *i just realised I didn't add her on lj o.O* Actually, there's not much need to, I can show you picture.  
Inside there's 1 TOKIO, 5 Tegomasu, 2 NEWS, a few Kinki's, 1/4 arashi's, THE REST ALL SMAP [and the other drawer don't even need to take picture. ALL SMAP and 5 Arashi DVDs]. there ARE EVEN 2 COPIES OF THE SAME ALBUM... o.O 

These new CDs have no home to stay in.... dies.

and I don't put my that KAT-TUN CD with the johnny's cds... I WANT SOMEONE TO BUY IT!! IT'S BRAND  NEW!!!!! I ONLY LISTENED ONCE!!!!

I am sure I will work a way out.
I still haven't found Maou, and it's somewhere inside.

I have a million dramas [of which 80% are unwatched. then [ profile] happydaysx  will start saying how those cds will end up being best friends with my Crows Zero dvd...]

Did I mention I hate these small pieces of paper?!
*Got it from searching at google.. I lazy plug in my ext hd*
And so after a long and busy day with papers, I took a nice cold bath, sat down and re watched my arashi DVD!~ TIME! I LOVE THAT CONCERT THE MOST!!!

This is to make up for the TOTALLY blur Massu picture that I posted.. IS THIS CLEAR ENOUGH!?!? [I can't find one with Tegoshi in the backgrd tho..]


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